Crank Brothers Sterling alloy bicycle tire mini pumps with gauge and pressure-volume switch

First announced at Eurobike alongside some carbon mountain bike wheels and other new stuff, Crank Brothers’ new Sterling and Gem mini pumps are now available, alongside the sweet looking B-Series mini tools.

Long before CB got into wheels, bars, stems, posts and pedals, they made pumps and tools. The new line looks to build on everything they’ve learned by offering solid alloy construction and plenty of nice features, all at pretty reasonable price points. Above, the Sterling mini pumps come in two lengths, with or without pressure gauges.

The bottom is a dial that converts it between high volume (up to 40psi) and high pressure (40-100+psi), making it one pump for both mountain and road bikes…assuming you don’t need too much more than 100psi. For those who’ve sealed the deal with Road Tubeless, that should be about right. A universal head works with Presta or Schrader without having to switch any parts. Retail prices and weights are: Sterling lg ($50, 173g), Sterling sg ($45, 141g), Sterling l ($40, 143g) and Sterling s ($35, 116g) (l=long, s=short, g=gauge).

Update: We just got a box full of these things in for testing!

crank brothers sterling threaded co2 inflator

There’s also a 45g die cast zinc Sterling CO2 inflator head with a push spring air control and rubber “frost guards” to prevent your fingers from freezing. The inflator includes two Sterling CO2 cartridges (16g threaded). Retail is $20 for the bundle and branded replacement cartridges are $3 each. Because it’s threaded and doesn’t have a lower body, it’ll work with 12/16/20 gram cartridges.

Crank Brothers Gem bicycle tire mini pumps

The Gem pumps get the same high/low volume function and CNC’d/laser etched 6061-T6 alloy construction as the Sterlings but use a reversible internal head to adapt to Schrader or Presta valves. Also available in two length options, the Gem s ($22, 128g) is a shorter, more compact pump, and the Gem l ($27, 155g) is longer for higher volume. Available in a Christmasy silver, red or green.

Crank Brothers b-series bit based bicycle mini tools

The b-series is a bit based tool system that uses a magnetized socket to hold the bit firmly in place as you work. The bit holder stays closed, keeping everything in place when it’s thrown in your pack. Even better, the bits are a standard size available at any hardware store, so you can swap them in and out to customize the tool to your needs. From left to right are the b17 ($33), b14 ($27) and b8 ($20). While we like the spoke wrenches and chain tool on the b17, we’re thinking the longer bits on the b14 might offer better reach for some applications. All carry a five year warranty.

Tool specs are:


  • weight: 230g
  • sidebars: stainless steel
  • tool bits: stainless steel, 25mm long
  • chain tool
  • #0, #1 spoke wrenches
  • hex bits: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • screwdriver bits: 1-phillips, 2-phillips, 1-flat head, 2-flat head
  • torx bits: t-10, t-25


  • weight: 206g
  • sidebars: stainless steel
  • tool bits: stainless steel, 30mm long
  • hex bits: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
  • screwdriver bits: 1-phillips, 2-phillips, 1-flat head, 2-flat head
  • torx bits: t-10, t-25


  • weight: 144g
  • sidebars: stainless steel
  • tool bits: stainless steel, 25mm long
  • hex bits: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • screwdriver bits: 1-phillips, 1-flat head
  • torx bits: t-25

All products carry a 5-year warranty and are available now through your favorite bike shops, except the CO2 head, which comes out late April.


  1. Pumps look nice but theres no point to having a small hand pump if it doesn’t come with a frame mount, unless you plan on carrying a back back everywhere.

  2. It has been awhile since I’ve seen a hand pump shootout. Can I get some recommendations? I currently use an older crank bros and was curious about the Topeak and lezyne brand. My customers and I have had bad luck with SKS Puro.

  3. @Taylor:
    Lezynes on both my MTB and Road bike. Able to pump to ~90psi on the road bike with no problem (with my freaky skinny arms)

  4. That’s a really odd range of colors. And I second the lack of a mount for any hand pump. My Lezyne Road Drive works perfectly and mounts easily alongside a bottle.

  5. it’s from Crank Brothers.

    really, that says enough.

    Our store had dozens of them fail. We tried to give them away as prizes at local races. All that happened was that they were returned to the store in the following days for replacement.

    Most customers, after they’re been replaced 2-3 times, just give up.

    again. it’s from Crank Brothers. that’s a good enough reason to steer clear.

  6. I also ditched my Lezyne. It always screwed the valve cores out. That pressure release valve thing didn’t help neither. Now I’ve some small blackburn pump (don’t remember the name) which is nice. Didn’t have to use it too much, though.

  7. i’ve used a plastic crank bros mini pump for the last ten years and it’s my favorite emergency pump of all time and i’ve used at least a dozen over the last 18 years of riding. no telescope action to bend while pumping fast and hard, the two speed selection on the bottom is awesome for high volume or high pressure. very small fits in my pocket or backpack, i have several of these pumps one for each bag. if these new pumps are just as good as the old ones, then i’m sold. never had to rebuild or replace orings either.

  8. It’s finally dawned on me exactly who Crank Bros is:

    Crank Bros. is that girl (or guy) in college that you just KNOW is major trouble and that you just KNOW is gonna rip your heart out, but they’re so damned hot that you just can’t help yourself. You’re caught up hook, line, and sinker…

    …and of course, it ends badly. Always does, always will…

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