Nuun Preps for Warmer Weather, with Three Summery New Flavors The snow is melting away, flowers are popping up, days are getting longer, and Nuun just released 3 new flavors. Spring and Summer are definitely right around the corner. The new flavors are exactly what we think about when the temps rise, Cherry Limeade, Lemonade, and Watermelon. The flavors are all a result of Nuun’s loyal customer requests and feedback – so you asked, they listened.

“Our customers have been our primary source of gathering feedback and these three flavors were consistently requested and received very strong support throughout the development process,” said Mason Reay, President and CEO of Nuun. “We are excited about these flavors because of their broad appeal, from athletes, to adults on-the-go, to kids involved in youth sports programs. The addition of caffeine to Cherry Limeade will also benefit athletes looking to add caffeine to their workout regimen or those in search of a great tasting, convenient alternative to other caffeinated beverages.”

Cherry Limeade is the only caffeine enhanced flavor among the bunch, with 20mg of the legal performance enhancer per serving. The new flavors carry all of the same nutrition that is found in the rest of the Nuun line with important electrolytes, zero sugar, and less than 8 calories per serving. All flavors are available now in 4 packs only, for $24 or $22 if you buy two or more.


  1. I once mixed espresso shots into my drink bottle that had nuun in it. Probably the nastiest tasting mix I’ve ever had. This new nuun solves the need to do that!

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