Kind Suspension 27-2 LEV dropper post now shipping

We just got word from Art’s Cyclery that the Kind Suspension LEV 27.2 dropper post is out!

Featuring a bottom mounted cable placement should keep many riders happy, and for those with the smaller diameter 27.2 seatposts, it’s about the only show in town. Art’s has some in stock, and we confirmed with KS that MSRP is $399 and they’re shipping with good availability. QBP has ordered a lot, but one of KS’s reps did say they’re in high demand, so order early.

The 27.2 version was introduced at Eurobike along with the Integra stealth versions of their dropper posts. One of the restraints on the narrower diameter is that travel is limited to 100mm, but otherwise it’s just like it’s fatter brothers.

More pics, including actual weight, below…

Kind Suspension 27-2 LEV dropper post now shipping

Kind Suspension 27-2 LEV dropper post now shipping

Big thanks to Daniel at Art’s Cyclery for sending these in. Hit that link at the top to order one from their site!


  1. Not the only show in town. Gravity Dropper has always made 27.2 dropper posts. Way before any of the current players. And they’re still some of the most reliable and low maintenance posts available. Just sayin

  2. Pretty sure folks are saying “pretty sure” too much here. I am also pretty sure that QBP is out of them already, and by pretty sure I mean that they are on Item watch. Pretty sure that Gravity Dropper is one of the crappiest posts on the market now; just because you were one of the first doesn’t mean that you are the best and don’t need to innovate to stay in the game.

  3. *cough*Gravity Dropper*cough*
    *cough*reliable for years*cough*
    *cough*mine is over 5 years old with minor maintenance*cough*

    Need a medicinal for that cough…


  4. @ Oskar and LP, The Crank is the Custom SRAM S-1250 / PF 30 that came stock on the Stumpjumper Expert EVO 29, the chainring is a 34 tooth Truvativ ring all paired with e. thirteen XCX chain guide. This combo works flawlessly as a 1 X10. Hope that info helps.

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