We’ve seen LED integration into helmets before from companies like Torch, so are we looking at the future of helmet design with Balazs Filczer’s DORA? Currently, the DORA helmet is just a design concept – though we can’t imagine it will stay that way for too long. Like the Torch helmet, DORA features front and rear LED lamps to light the way and make you stand out to motorists, but DORA takes it a step further with integrated LED turn signals. The signals would be controlled via a handlebar mounted remote that is connected to the helmet with Bluetooth wireless. Balazs envisions the helmet with a rechargeable battery mounted in the middle to keep the weight centered.

Check out a 3d modeling video of the DORA after the jump.

Apparently Filczer’s DORA has already won an award in the IBDC 2013 – International Bicycle Design Competition for the clothing and accessories category.


  1. Much as I like the concept… In reality most of the people I see with rear flashers in the helmets also have hoods, backpacks, or just hunch over to the point that the flasher is not visible :/

  2. Ugh. Keep helmet mounted lights in the woods. Not a night goes by that I’m not blinded by another cyclist who hasn’t a clue when it comes to trail light etiquette. Keep ’em low.

  3. 1 major drawback: the people in the cars. With my chinese headlamp that spills something like 1000lumens in their miror, they still don’t seem to see me! Had to ram 2 cars this evening when I was coming home …

    So I don’t see how some small leds could help the cyclist not be knocked off by a car. But that might just be the French in their cars and trafic jams being blind robots ….

  4. I like the idea of lights in the helmet but I’m thinking the turnsignal concept will confuse motorists (many of which are already confused) or be ignored, AND drive the price of the helmet up. Nice looking though.

  5. I like that it has turn signals controlled by handlebar buttons. Not sure a front LED that high up is usefull but the rear light and turns a big yes.

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