Le Coq Sportif Unveils 100th TDF Yellow Jersey, Adds Aerodynamic Collar

When it came to redesigning the Malliot Juane for the 100th running of the Tour de France, new jersey sponsor Le Coq Sportif is looking to the past for its styling cues. Drawing inspiration from Le Coq Sportif’s 1951 leader’s jersey, the addition of a pointed collar is made – though an actual collar would be too much drag for the leaders so a false collar was used instead. Fortunately for the potential leaders, Le Coq chose to omit the original wo button front pockets.

Cast in brighter yellow than previous years, a sublimated Moor’s head is featured on the center of the jersey – which pays tribute to this year’s host of the Grand Depart on June 29th, Corsica’s first. Further linking to the past the founder of the Tour De France, Henri Desgrange, will have his initials printed on the jersey with a reflective passage printed on the jersey that will read, “En 1903, Henri Desgrange créait le plus grand évènement sportif de tous les temps” which translates to “In 1903, Henri Desgrange created the greatest sporting event of all time”. All of the reflective bits on the jersey are due to the fact that the grand finish will for the first time, happen at night.

In order to make the rest of the jersey as modern as possible, 131 year old Le Coq Sportif called on their technical apparel expertise and built the jersey with a 3/4 zip, and two vent panels in the rear with 3D mesh at the base micro-mesh across the back to ensure that the one in yellow doesn’t cook on hot days.

What did the leader’s jersey look like in 1951? See it, next.

Le Coq Sportif Unveils 100th TDF Yellow Jersey, Adds Aerodynamic Collar


  1. I like le coq brand much better than the 2004 guido tech bullshit from the italian brands. There is literally zero good cycling gear lately. What, Assos with the tan weirdo and Nasa stripes? Capo the bull Gravano? Rapha pink and brown peter pan suits? I wont even mention the scorpion. Come on! All that crap sucks. De Marchi, Santini and Sportful is the only good stuff and even they have hardly anything worth buying.

    I think there is room for a few new cycling clothing brands! I wish le coq had a whole line.

  2. wouldn’t it be great if just once for one day, on one stage of a major tour the riders could wear the clothes of the time, ride the bikes of the time, in respect for the respect for all that have gone before them, because if it wasn’t for the sacrifices they made, (some with there lives) cycling as we know it woulnt exist.

  3. then if cycling is the new golf > then satin-y pleated bike shorts aren’t too far behind.
    Tassels on cycling shoes?
    please and no thanks, Steve M. for the espn comparison.

    cycling industry is in profit mode.
    Golf/golf clubs/courses are dying a death, owning a cts and belonging to a white ball course, isn’t so cool anymore.

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