interbike tradeshow for sale by nielsen expositionsExpo is reporting that Nielsen is selling off all of its tradeshows, including Interbike, to focus on their core business of audience metrics.

The company’s annual report says they generated $183 million from 2011 trade shows, which amounts to just 3% of their revenue. As part of Nielsen Expositions, they also run Outdoor Retailer Summer and Winter shows, which are two more of the largest sports industry trade events in North America.

Here’s hoping the new owner takes a good hard look at alternate locations *fingers crossed*.


  1. Personally, as someone in the industry who HAS to be there every day all day, I am glad for this. It might put some blood into the show. Interbike was the biggest and baddest for many years and they sat back and watched as things zoomed right by like LA on go go juice.

    I hate Vegas. I was just pricing out my trip for this year and it will cost me 1k more than last year if I stay at the Mandalay Bay.

    I think keeping it in Vegas during that time of year limits many shops and their employees coming over. But if forces them to or they feel like they will miss something. When honestly Interbike has been for the last decade the same thing over and over again–Except my booth of course!

    All the game changing amazingness happens at EuroBike. Just look at the coverage on the net. All the crazy images of things over there VS over here. It used to be the other way around. Interbike needs to do something huge to recover and make it the best again. And adding a consumer day isn’t it. There are already so many consumers IN the show already! I see them all day long. Asking for an EP, saying they are friends with someone, shop sponsored rider, whatever.

    Something needs to change and I hope it happens. Cause we need to grow and thrive.

  2. Vegas is the worst possible location for an event like interbike…. Can’t wait for it to move to a bike-friendly venue! I won’t go back until it moves.

  3. “Bike- friendly venue” that has an international airport amongst a plethora of hotel/restaurant choices plus riding options (nearby) for road, mtn, gravity for demo days with weather is gonna be hard to come by in the States…SLC, Denver I guess…?

  4. Harro,

    The issue isn’t that there is no hotels, airports, taxis and what have you. The problem is the rideability, runability and walkability of Vegas. I hate walking to the hotel in the morning-7 am and getting handed stripper/escort cards! 7 am!!! It’s an all day business and there are people that partake in it, I understand, but that drives me nuts.

    Also, it isn’t very friendly if you want to go for a run in the morning. You have to run in the road. Riding, again, too much congestion for it. And I don’t have the time to waste honestly.

    While Vegas may be great for some conventions, most of the attendees do not think it is great for a bicycle/healthy lifestyle trade show. And I agree.

    Where should it be??? Denver, Chicago, Anaheim. SLC. All great choices.

    Chicago has over 500 miles of bike lanes. Instead of a bike week or bike month, from April till October, there is something going on cycling related every single day. Multiple events many days. The worlds largest triathlon takes place there the last weekend of August. It’s an amazing city.

    Denver-obvious reasons.

    Anaheim, relatively cheap hotels and airfare. good food. Good riding right down the road where they have had the ODD many many times before. Plus, road riding and running, the viaducts! I rode from Anaheim to the beach and never hit traffic once. Cause you are on the street. It’s great.

    SLC-again, a bit obvious the reasons.

    Those are my opinions but I think it would be great to move it away from the wackjobs, strippers and people who fall asleep with a cigarette in their mouth and immediately start up as they get out of bed to something a bit more cycling friendly.

  5. I would most certainly welcome a different venue than Las Vegas. I can’t think of a more unhealthy city. I finally wised-up and stayed at a non strip hotel last year, and honestly, I could fit a few more years in doing that, without the disgust of being forced to filter through the trash that hangs out in the casinos. I even walked two miles each way to the Sands. Hot, but not a terrible route. Anaheim, Long Beach, or my home San Diego would all be nice for me. Interbike is my favorite trade show, in my least favorite city.

  6. Keep it in Vegas! Hookers and blow!

    Seriously though, Vegas is fun. Lots to do for those people just attending.

    Remember, its not about you, its about the people BUYING from you. Im pretty sure you want people to remember “that one time in Vegas when we went to interbike”, as opposed to “that one time in (insert lame location without hookers and blow) when we went to interbike and it was super boring at night, and you couldnt drink in public….”.

  7. I went to interbike for 3-4 years, and have not gone back for the last 3. Every years is the same boring sh!t in the same garbage town.

    Go to DealerCamp or Saddledrive. Great towns with great riding. Interbike can die out and go to convention hell.

  8. i’m gonna throw this out there – is ib even relevant anymore? (or is it just an excuse to go party?) as was mentioned earlier, all the big unveils that manage to stay under wraps occur at Eurobike or the Tapiei bike show. More and more smaller companies are starting to skip interbike altogether (because they feel the $$ would be better spent elsewhere), and the big companies (trek, spesh) have their own dealer camps separately.

  9. hate to say it… you wanna go riding ? Or doing business ?
    Ride at your free time at home all the time you want. Move to a place were it is great riding. Same for running or or or …. but try to be at the show and instead of running around with blinders and just looking at the latest bling, try to find stuff your shop actually makes money on.
    ( Actually the riding up the hill on the demo days aint all that bad )
    Hate the stripper cards, but you dont have to take them, right ? Hate Vegas, but I havent lost a penny in the last 20 years, Dont wanna pay the Mandalay rooms, go one block and stay in that castle looking thing for 60 bucks a night. Again…. I hate Vegas. Anybody knows how difficult ( expensive) it is to errect a booth under strict Union supervision ? Vegas is easy in that aspect. Flights are cheap ( or cheaper than any other place to go to )
    I think about my customers, I would go to Alaska or Maine for them …. but most of them prefer Vegas

  10. i dont know if my input is valid having never been there but from the “is ib even relevant anymore?” side:

    i used to remember being SO excited for IB coverage on MTBR back 7 or 8 years ago. new bikes, new components, new technology that you had NEVER heard about. now with dozens of really well done bike blogs, prior conventions getting big coverage, and stuff being released at sea otter…by the time IB rolls around, it seems like everything is just old news. its def lost a lot of its luster

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