Singletrack High chronicles NICA’s high school mountain bike race growth, and it’s showing in limited theaters throughout the country through April, with further future days pending. They’re also looking for hosts that would like to screen it to help raise awareness for the program. Click here for info and the full schedule of showings. Here’s the description:

Many kids in America stop riding bikes in high school. Riding through puddles is no longer cool. Two wheels get traded in for four.

For hundreds of kids in Northern California, the ride never stops…it gets faster. These are the student-athletes of the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League. They come from the mountains, the suburbs, and the city. Some ride carbon fiber race bikes, others old steel clunkers. They ride to win, to finish, and to escape. For six weekends every spring, they don their school colors, roll up to the start line, and fly.

This is Singletrack High.


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