Form Cycles custom disc brake gravel road bike

Form Cycle’s new disc brake road bike is built from KVA stainless steel and gets internal routing and brazed on small bits (disc brake tabs, cable ports, bottle bosses) for a cleaner look.

They’re also working on a gravel road version that’ll have more tire clearance thanks to S-bend chainstays. It’ll also get a slightly relaxed head angle and use ENVE’s road disc fork, which has a bit more clearance.

For gnarlier terrain, there’s a ti fat bike and stainless mountain bike, plus great rides from Vendetta and Don Walker, below…

Form Cycles custom disc brake gravel road bike

Form Cycles custom stainless steel hardtail mountain bike

Stainless frames start at $2,500 and include the 44mm headtube standard and stock geometry. Custom geo adds $275.

Form Cycles custom titanium fat bike with Lefty front suspension fork

The Fatso is their new fat bike that fits a 4.3 tire and 170mm rear spacing and geometry based around the 120mm travel Lefty. They’ll also do it with 135mm rear spacing for the Rohloff hubs, but those get offset rear ends to keep the 100mm BB width and maintain proper chain line. Frame starts at $2,550.


Don Walker Star Trek themed track bike

Show proprietor and host Don Walker always exhibits, too, usually with an assortment of cyclocross bikes from his team racers. This year, he had this Star Trek themed track bike, his own singlespeed ‘cross racer and a new mountain bike frame.

Don Walker Star Trek themed track bike

The track bike is for a guy named Kirk whose nickname is Captain Kirk, and there are subtle references to Star Trek throughout. Stars and space behind the logo, above, for example.

Don Walker Star Trek themed track bike

Now offering Di2 bikes, they’ll be offered with the Calfee internal seatpost battery, or Shimano’s soon to be released internal option, or the standard external battery.

Wire runs into the headtube. Walker put it there because its a thicker tube and not putting a hole in the “heat affected zone” of the downtube like so many other builders seemed like a good idea to him.

Don Walker mountain bike

Mountain bike is number four he’s built. Seat stays are heavily curved, and the design is a work in progress that’s being tested and refined by his sponsored riders and employees. It’s made of Reynolds 853 tubes, Deda stays and fillet brazed throughout.

Don Walkers singlespeed cyclocross race bike


Vendetta Cycles purple travel touring bike

As usual, Vendetta’s Conor Buescher had plenty of beautifully painted and detailed bicycles on display.

The purple bike is for someone that wanted a road bike that was also a travel and commuter bike. Front end handles like a road bike, but with more upright riding position to help her look behind easier. Chainstays are a bit longer for a more stable ride, and it has S&S couplers for easy breakdown during travel.

Vendetta Cycles purple travel touring bike

Vendetta Cycles blue chrome touring road bike

This touring bike used a metallic gold base coat with candy blue. The owner wanted it to look like the ocean. In direct sunlight, it turns a bit green straight on with blue at an angle. Handlebar tape stitching matches the bike’s primary color.

Vendetta Cycles matte black watch inspired road bike

Vendetta Cycles matte black watch inspired road bike

This matte black frame had custom cut lugs and parts to match the look of a timepiece since the owner is into watches. The detail work has paid off in the past with awards, like at NAHBS 2012.


  1. That candy blue touring bike Vendetta built was the most beautiful bike I saw at the show. I had a genuine emotional reaction when I first laid eyes on it.

  2. Don Walker is a real ahole. He was talking to our group telling us that the only reason he wanted to keep high volume custom guys out of the show was because he didnt want any chinks or gooks displaying at future NAHBS.

  3. Gary,

    I normally wouldn’t even acknowledge your post with a reply, but, I feel that its best to say that I don’t even recall talking with you, and if I had, I would never have used those words or insinuated such a remark.

    Its a shame people feel the need to cause a disturbance.


  4. Gary,
    First let me say how foolish your comments have made you appear. As a matter of fact, I find it quite offensive. Do you actually know anything about Don? Did you actually have a conversation w/ him? You could not have. Don isn’t only my employer but first and foremost, a close personal friend of mine. I think anyone that knows him will agree he isn’t racist or a bigot as you have insinuated in your comment. Define for me “high volume custom”. Are you talking about mass produced frames manufactured ion the Asian market? While high quality, these frames do not conform to the custom or handmade ideas our show was founded on to support the skilled artisan frame builder.

What do you think?