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Deadline is reporting a second Lance Armstrong film in the works. The first movie in the works is owned by Paramount and being produced produced by JJ Abrams. The second film is owned by Warner Brothers, and is to be directed by Jay Roach, the guy behind Game Change and The Campaign. Furthermore, Warner Brothers acquired rights from Atlas Entertainment, a deal which included Tyler Hamilton’s life rights, so the content from that angle will probably be substantial. For the full story, head over to

How do you feel about these movies?


  1. They should do a series based on Lance in the vein of House of Cards… Lance would of course be the Frank Underwood character.

  2. they will have to tie me and force me, ala clockwork orange , with eyelid braces and all … to waste anymore time on this ahl. So now our morbid selves are going to fund his return into triathlon, or his new couch for his trophy room … FUD KAT!!!

  3. …..I will treat this EXACTLY as I did the Hamilton book…..find some old crappy parts in my parts bin that some local wants to trade for the DVD so that there are no additional monies made off of my viewing this….or wait three weeks after the release date to watch it free on TV!

What do you think?