One area that most multi tools fall short? That would be 15mm wrenches to remove bolt on wheels. I’ve even seen multi tools that feature adjustable wrenches that only go up to 13mm which certainly doesn’t help you out when you have a flat and you need to remove your wheel. Fortunately, the newest bicycle multi tool to come across Kickstarter has that covered and a lot more. Called the Nutter, the interesting tool was dreamed up by Full Windsor, a UK based bicycle design studio that was started by Kiwi designer Mark Windsor. Full Windsor got their start on Kickstarter when they successfully launched their Quickfix rear bike fenders thanks to their brilliant near universal tool-less fit.

After tackling the issue of quick and easy mud and spray coverage for your bike, Full Windsor set their sites on the multi tool – judging by the fact that it’s nearly tripled their fundraising goal with 24 days still to go, the Nutter looks to be another hit.

Video and pics after the break.

Sure, it may not carry the panache of your vintage Campy peanut butter wrench, but the perhaps ironically named Nutter will do the job and a whole lot more.

Thanks to its extension and 8 interchangeable bits, the Nutter may pose some competition to the recent Fix It Sticks, though if you don’t need the 15mm wrench Fix It Sticks are quite a bit lighter at 51g versus the Nutter’s 100g tool weight, and 185g full pouch weight. Unlike the Fix It Sticks, the bits are replaceable and are held in place with magnets when installed in the Nutter’s handle. Included with the Nutter are 3,4,5,6,8mm hex bits, a PH2 phillips bit, 3mm flat head bit, and a T25 Torx bit. Built into the tool itself is obviously the 15mm wrench, along with a spoke wrench (size not listed, guessing 0.136″-[Red Park]), and a beefy steel tire lever that has a glass filled nylon tip. Of course, there is a bottle opener as well – it’s just not right for a multi tool not to have one.

Made from leather and recycled bicycle inner tubes, the Nutter pouch is made to hold all of the little bits in place keep things organized when you need it. If you want to go minimalist, you can leave the pouch at home and store two bits in the tool itself. The pouch is made to be able to hang from your saddle, or easily slipped into a jersey pocket or bag. Want one? Even though the Kickstarter is already funded with £22,650 pledged towards an £8,000 goal, you can still order through Kickstarter one for another 24 days. Currently, the cheapest you can pledge for a Nutter is about $52 with an additional $8.95 for shipping to the US or anywhere outside of the UK with an expected delivery of May 2013. If you haven’t already, Full Windsor’s entertaining website is worth a visit just for the monkey arm instead of your cursor.



  1. Looks like there’s a bottle opener there! All in all, this thing looks really neat – a multitool with a very robust tire lever built in.

  2. Love it.

    Would be better if the wrench was open ended to deal with pedals as well, but usually not something you need to be swapping in the field and many pedals have hex head options on the axle end anyway.

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