Rapha 2013 womens classic bibshorts

Rapha has just released three new women’s cycling pieces – Classic Bibshorts, a merino baselayer and the Souplesse Jersey.

The bibshorts, shown above, use a lightweight matte Lycra material with female friendly pad shaping and flatlock stitching for comfort. The straps are comprised of a broad section of closely knit mesh on the front with a full zip and lighter, more open mesh on the back. Both sides are cream colored so they won’t show through lighter colored jersey. Retail is $220.

The v-neck base layer is 100% fine gauge merino wool and comes in light gray and light blue. Cut follows the female form and it retails for $85.00.

2013 Rapha Souplesse womens bicycle jersey

The Souplesse jersey is a lightweight polyamide/elastane blend that’s close fitting and cut to offer muscle support “similar to control underwear”. So, yes, it’s like high end, fast wicking, technical Spanx for your upper body, except not ridiculous. Reflective bits and UPF 50+ sun protection keep you safe. Retail is $195.

Full details and specs, including their very cool real-time availability count, at Rapha.cc.


  1. I hope Rapha photograph their women’s line with the same gritty, bib-shorts-in-an-ice-bath, changing out of the base layer style as they shoot all their men’s kit.

  2. These are really nice articles of clothing, constructed of quality materials and loaded with fine details. But… made in China?

    Anyone know if there are any smaller, handcrafted high-end cycling clothing manufacturers who source textiles and actually make their products IN THE USA? I would love to support them, as well as see them featured here on Bikerumor! I would love to see a feature on it, similar to NAHMBS show.

  3. CDB: where was your television made? your computer? your _____________(insert all/any consumables) probably most of it was made in china. the reality of modern manufacturing is that in order to stay competetive, much of the world’s leading brands are demanding higher standards for their product and so we’re seeing an increase in quality for many goods made abroad. of course there is junk that comes out of china, just as there’s junk coming out of the US, bulgaria, mexico etc.

    if you really want to support a small run-made in the USA cycling company: http://www.searchandstate.com/pages/info

    i’m sure they’ll be happy to take your money.

  4. True, m_chambers.

    But I was speaking within the context of high end, well designed/constructed cycling clothing. I realize that much is made overseas, which is the purpose of my inquiry. If I can purchase a good that is of equal (if not better quality), priced similarly or better, and is made in the USA with domestically sourced materials, I would prefer that route.

    I actually discovered exactly what I was looking for! Some sweet stuff, and much better looking (and detailed) than the S&S stuff you linked… it is BRANDT-SORENSON!


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