Cratoni Coming Back to USA with 190-Gram Rocket Mountain Bike Helmet

SKS USA has picked up Cratoni Helmets and will be kicking them off in the US with a bang.

The new Cratoni Rocket claims to tip the scales at an impressively light 190g, impressive for a fully featured XC brain bucket. The shell uses an inmold construction with a polycarbonate reinforcement at the rear. Pads are CoolMax, and the vents are fairly massive, which should help it keep your head cool even when grunting up the climbs.

Right now, that weight’s for an EU-approved model. SKS USA general manager Mark Burgener says the US version should be close, within 5g to 10g.

Burgener says they’ll be importing “the cool ones”, including the Rocket, Bullet, Tracer, the Blaze and the C-Bolt. What makes these attractive, beyond the weights, is that they’re all pretty fairly priced. The Blaze comes in around $70 (target) and the Rocket and Bullet are at $160 (also target price, not set in stone). Others should fall between that range, and they all should be available at retail in mid-June.

Click through for specs, sizes and colors…

2013 cratoni rocket mountain bike helmet


  • 23 Air vents
  • Removable visor
  • Reflectors
  • Coolmax pads
  • Incl. Coolmax spare pads
  • Polycarbonate reinforcement
  • Strap dividers for easy handling
  • Rubber surface
  • Weight 190 g
  • Bag included


  • S/M (53–56 cm)
  • M/L (56–59 cm)
  • L/XL (58–62 cm)


6 thoughts on “Cratoni Coming Back to USA with 190-Gram Rocket Mountain Bike Helmet

  1. I had a Cratoni about a decade ago. Matte black with a visor and dial based retention system that was novel at the time. Other than the fact that the matte black would scrape off revealing neon green underneath it (!) and that the retention system partially fell apart within a year (I rebuilt it a number of times, probably once a month for nearly another year), it was a cheap and light. It always looked ridiculously wide, even in a size small, but hopefully these newer ones have greatly improved.

  2. Why not the lightweight chinguard ones – for when DH fullface is an overkill, but some face protection is useful.

  3. I bought a Rocket (I live in the UK) about a month ago to replace my aging Giro Hex. So far the Cratoni has been great, the light weight is really nice on xc rides and its much better vented than the Hex. It canwith 2 sets on pads, one thick set for customising fit and one ‘summer’ set with insect nets. The helmet bag is an added bonus.

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