Atomic 22 Tribe security bolts kits for bicycles

Atomic 22 will soon be are now offering kits that bundle a front wheel skewer, seatpost collar and bolt and a steerer tube top cap for $140. Called Tribe, the pieces will all have the same key and will be available with either black or silver top caps.

Besides bundling parts together, savings come from a limited number of unique keys. Each “tribe” won’t have totally unique keys, but only 64 of the same key shape will be made, so the chances of someone else in the world being near you with the same key is minimal. The kit protects your seatpost, fork/stem and front wheel from getting nicked, provided you lock your bike up of course.

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Atomic 22 Tribe security bolts kits for bicycles

Called Infinit3D, the lock and key use a three dimensional pattern with a varying radius cylinder. The company is owned by a couple and everything’s made in their UK facility. We spoke with them at NAHBS about it and it’s pretty cool stuff, though it took them quite a while searching for a manufacturer capable of making the intricate and ever-changing key patterns before they ended up setting up their own factory and making them in house.

Atomic 22 Tribe security bolts kits for bicycles

They make parts to secure just about anything on your bike that’s removable with a basic tool, even the brake calipers!

UPDATE: Tribe is also available for hubs with solid axles and bolt-on hubs, and they’ve extended the combinations of products you can choose so you can get the parts you need for today’s ever expanding matrix of product standards. Check out all the combinations here.


  1. To anyone confusing Atomic 22, to an existing brand on the market, you are only fooling yourself. Do what I did (as someone who is cynical to NEW in cycling) Look at their web site. READ about the depth of the offering. READ about how their CUSTOM FABRICATION. LOOK at the machine work installed on several styles of bikes, then contribute your “I think”.

  2. “I think” the machining is amazing and the concept is solid, BUT the other guys (Pitlock) are doing something fairly similar albeit without such complexity in the key interface. Both are great options and it is nice to see this kind of detail put into the product. I think the price is appropriate for the effort put in.

  3. Ant’ney,

    I would love to work on a project like what Atomic22 is doing. I researched the hell out of this because I did not want to end up ordering something that ended up being another Pitlock. In the end I ordered a set from MASH, and ordered an additional piece from Atomic 22 direct. They made a seat post bolt for an easton seat post. It took about a month, which I felt was understandable for machining these bits one at a time. Shipping from the UK took another week. YES the kit was pricey. About the same as replacing my seat and seat post, but it will save me from riding home without it. I did not realize that posting positive experiences with a brand slated you to be speaking as the brand itself. It is up to the customers who have these positive experiences to relay them. I won’t exclusively listen to a brand directly, and also won’t listen to one-liner kids who just want to be involved in things whether they are educated or not. Your dollar is your vote. Use it wisely.

  4. I voted easily. $3. My commute bike (in NYC) has all of the hex heads (Stem, headset cap, brakes (I roll cantis), seat post) filled with sealing wax. $3 at the art store, a bitch to remove without a bit of heat or a sharp pick. Enough to make someone move on to the next bike, in any case. And my wheels get run though my Kryptonite fahgettaboudit chain when I lock up. Yeah, the lock is big $$$, but I’d use it no matter what my skewers and seat post were using. Even if I used Atomic22- I want to keep my frame! If the crims take my stuff, they deserve it for their extra work. If you buy the Atomic stuff….the crims might still get your stuff, but whether they do or do not, you may have already been robbed……

  5. Pretty awesome stuff – I’d buy it. If it’s out of the budget tho, check out for security head bolts and breakaway bolts, or stick ball bearings in the sockets of all your bolts and cover ’em over with nail polish.

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