Open Updates Limited Edition AXX1, Offers It for Sale
Open, the mountain bike company with its composites expertise rooted in Cervelo, first introduced the limited edition AXX1 last year at Eurobike. Since then it has made a few component changes to the bike that not only make it more exclusive, but lighter weight as well. According to the Bikerumor scale the original XX1 equipped AXX1 came in just over 17 pounds while the newest version is a claimed 7.3 kg, or 16.09 lbs. Changes to the bike include a Cannondale Lefty Carbon XLR fork, new graphics, and the addition of a special THM BBright crankset to fit the bike. According to co-founder Gerard Vroomen, their four spec partners were willing to make custom graphics for the parts included on the limited edition.

Open Updates Limited Edition AXX1, Offers It for Sale

The Lefty is one of the biggest additions to the AXX1 which we’ve seen on other super light 29er hardtail builds before.

Open Updates Limited Edition AXX1, Offers It for Sale

AX Lightness parts can be found all over the bike including the handlebars. XX1 shifter on one side, Rock Shox XLOC remote for the lefty on the other.

Open Updates Limited Edition AXX1, Offers It for Sale

We’re assuming that the Clavicula cranks are either special because they haven’t done a mountain bike version for BBright, or for XX1, or both. Though the cranks are pictured with a Praxis Works Leva Time chainring which is for geared drivetrains, and no chainring is listed for the final spec on the AXX1. According to OPEN, they now hav the THM-XX1 spiders for the cranks meaning you can run the whole range of XX1 chain rings – they did not have it at the time of the photos.

Interestingly, the spec also mentions a “green edition” XX1 rear derailleur, but is pictured with a standard XX1 unit. Are colored XX1 groups similar to the final X0 9 speed drivetrains on the horizon? Green XX1 parts have been confirmed for the final build, we can’t wait to see it.

Open Updates Limited Edition AXX1, Offers It for Sale

AX Lightness LRS tubular rims matched to Tune hubs replace the DT-Swiss tubulars that were shown on the bike at Eurobike. Glued up to the AX Lightness rims are Tufo Colle XC2 Plus 2.0 tubulars. Pricing for the bike will run $6,600 without wheels, and approximately $9,240 we missed a key bit of info on pricing – the $6,600 is just for the parts kit, you need to add the price for the frame ($2,700) and the price for the wheels and tires ($2,640) which means a total price of $11,940 for the complete bike as spec’d. For full specs check out Open’s site.



  1. I agree on the price comment above, that’s a lot of bike compared to what the Big S charges for a top-O-The-Line S Works Carbon, where you’ll shell out $7,500 with lesser wheels. Regardless the price of bikes is stupid these days.

  2. nothing against the MT-8s, but I think BrakeForce1’s would’ve really rounded out the “untouchable” component package. May have also gotten them to the $10K mark…

  3. The price difference may be $1700, but those are $3000 wheels and all those AX-Lightness goodies are very pricey. This bike is more like a custom cost-no-object bike than the Specialized with all of its private label parts (granted some of which are fantastic). Just running the numbers in my head and guessing the price of the frame, they are not charging the price premium that most big box manufactures are.

  4. Nice, but why do they choose this low tech but pricey crap from AX ? I guess people like the AX- F1 story …but come on autoclave parts ??? and ….tubular rims on an MTB ????

  5. I believe the $6,600 & $9,240 are the prices of the build kits..the frame is not included..add an additional $2,700.

    So if it matters, you CAN tell your friends that your Open IS more expensive than their Cannondale F29 Ultimates. Yours (wallet) is bigger than their’s.

  6. MaLóL,

    If I had to compare a piece of art to a specialized bike, I think I would pick a classical Greek statue. They both were mass-produced from interchangeable, standardized parts, coveted and copied by many others, and still enjoyed despite their flaws.

  7. looking forward to see greek statues with forks from a competing brand, even a headset cap with the name of that brand, german state of the art no mass production components and a no marketing overall look. Even then, I don’t think specialized has such a frame. Just a weight test would probe it, not even entering a strength test.

    But yes, this is a very greek bike. Specialized is fordist crap, from the wrong kind, just IMHO.

  8. What?!? No comments about lack of fender mounts or bottle cages?

    And where’s the “dentist” reference(s)?

    (Disclosure: irony may be a part of this post…)

  9. Dentist indeed… or doctor. funny mussolini is placed against specialized and not together. Unfortunately, this is a dike for an informed and left wing dentist. right wing or capitalist dentist will buy the s-works, or better, a trek!!!!

  10. If they’re really serious about their gram counting, couldn’t they just put a lever on top of the lefty assembly for lockout? Makes sense for a traditional fork, but in this case it’s literally 3 inches away from the remote’s current location.

  11. My wife is a dentist, and she wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a mountain bike. And she’s faster than all of you. Probably works harder too. Gotta love half-million dollars of student loans!

    What I’m trying to say is: not all dentists are spendy Freds.

  12. cars are boring
    …and we spend more on those
    …houses cant be ridden AND I lost a lot more on one of those b$%^%$
    I am for sure purchasing this baby
    cause I love cycling more than the car industry
    and I actually hate the mortgage industry

    stop whining if you cant afford it
    or work harder

    this thing is art
    engineering art

    boring dentists

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