• What’s your used bike worth? Now you can check out Bicycle Blue Book for an estimate. It says my 1997 Kona Koa is worth about $171.
  • If you’re in the area of Calabasas, CA, on April 15th stop by and check out the opening of the new bike shop/farm to table restaurant/coffee shop/bar called Pedalers Fork. They’ve been working ’round the clock to get this concept off the ground and it’s looking great!
  • EAS is offering 2 weeks of it’s recovery protein drink mix for free, and all they ask is that you fill out a survey at the end of the 2 weeks.**oops, sorry, offer only good if you receive their promotion via email.
  • Twinlab has just introduced the CleanSeries nutritional supplement line, consisting of 100% Non-GMO, gluten free and NSF International certified products that are batch tested for banned substances. In other words, they’re just the ticket for athletes that compete in any sanctioned event. There’s no “during” formula yet, but they do have a protein for just about everyone, including two whey protein based formulas, and a 100% Soy and a Veggie protein for vegetarians. There’s also a pre-workout energy booster.
  • Registration is open for the GoPro 2013 Summer Mountain Games. Mountain biking is just one of the many adventure sports offered at the event to be held June 6-9 in Vail, CO.
  • Purchase the Sufferfest’s cycling video Blender by this Monday, March 11th, and be entered to win one of five 12 packs of PowerBar’s Performance Energy Blends.
  • BicycleRetailer reports that the League of American Bicyclists has rebranded their logo and the focus of the organization to be inclusive of every type of rider, a new website is also in the works.
  • Patrick Sluyter has been selected to represent the US as a cyclist in this summer’s 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria. Please donate a few bucks to help him get there.


  1. Yep the EAS promo only works if they notified you about it… Message Sorry, this link can only be used by the designated email recipient

  2. Better yet, my work blocks the link because they’re selling “Supplements and Unregulated Compounds”. Apparently IT thinks I’m a doper.

  3. Ironic to see that more reactions are about not getting something for free instead of helping someone else in need and representing us all in a way.

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