The fabulous frenchman, Cedric Gracia, is teaming up with the new kid on the block for the foreseeable (near) future . Starting this year, CG will be putting the new Inverted Emerald Downhill Fork and Jade rear shock through its paces at World Cup DH races and select Enduro events.

The company also plans on releasing CG Signature models in the future. Head past the break for the press release…

 From the DVO World Headquarters, Valencia Ca USA

   DVO Suspension is proud to announce Cedric “CG” Gracia and DVO Suspension have teamed up for a mult-year/long term partnership! CG will be riding the new Emerald Inverted and Jade rear shock this year at all the World Cup DH events. Cedric will also be racing in a select amount of Enduro events previewing the new DVO Enduro Suspension coming later this year.
   I’m really stoked to be back working with Cedric says “Bryson Martin” Founder of DVO Suspension. We worked together back in the Marzocchi days and developed a great personal relationship, when I first thought of a rider to represent DVO, CG was my guy! Cedric is hands down the most popular rider ever as well as an amazing racer and will be a critical component to the refinement of the Emerald and Jade products. You will also see a CG Signature models coming soon!


  1. A new player in the domain is something good for inventivity and competivity.

    I have high hopes on this new company – but let’s face it – first product of a new company : we won’t have a refined and working product before at least 2 years. We must wait for the second product cycle so all problems will be fixed.

    Possible, but it’s rather exceptional. This kind of things takes time, testing and little bit of genius. Oh, and… a good marketing model which is what we only have seen working for the moment !

  2. DS-I’d agree with you comments however pretty much everyone who’s apart of the DVO team has at least 5-10 years experience at Marzocchi or somewhere else. Putting out a new product won’t be nearly as hard for them as a newbie to the arena.

  3. Kind of a duh statement, of course it won’t be as hard for them… they have experience. I would rather buy suspension from someone who has experience making suspension than a “newbie to the arena”. Plus it still fosters competition, better products and lower prices everywhere. Who cares where they came from as long as they are innovating.

  4. Sevo is right, these guys all know exactly what they are doing and are long time engineers from marz.

    regarding production, that isn’t a concern either, its being contracted to Suntour – who makes forks for other big brands as well. I know they make stuff for marzocci and i seem to recall hearing at one point they made some of the castings for fox.

  5. Suspension domain is very sensitive to details. I wish so much to be a smooth inverted fork as I’ve read about Manitou Dorados and MotoGPs.

    It is a *NEW*, please read again, *NEW* design. After the big production machine is launched, changes cannot be made until next season. There is ALWAYS little things that show up with time.

    The first thing that comes to my mind is the carbon double arch. Maybe too light would it crack ? Too strong and people will find it stiff ? Will inverted design will be smoother or will it be annihilated by rubbing seals (I hope SKF like seals) ? How will the new locking crown be ? Long term internals review ?

    Already a lot of innovations – failure probability is highly multiplied. Look at fox perfecting the long term design past 10+ years and it is reasonable to put little doubt on new first year model of a new team. What I was trying to point is not about what they’ll do wrong is how hard is to get it right.

  6. i have high hopes for the company. and a little cg endorsement never hurt – i am gunna go ahead and say cg may be the best marketing tool for any mtb related company.

  7. ds – So, how long have you been working for RockShox?

    “We won’t have a refined and working product before at least 2 years.” Please. That’s just fud. These guys are all long time suspension engineers who have been doing endless r&d on the new line for twice that long already. Yes, there will be kinks, but they’ll have great working product right off.

    Don’t talk sh!t until there’s sh!t to be talked.

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