Magura Initiates Select Recall of MT6 and MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

As part of their continuous product evaluations, Magura has discovered a potential flaw in select MT6 and MT8 hydraulic disc brakes that could result in loss of brake pressure which could put the user at risk.  As a result, Magura recommends that users discontinue use of the affected brakes immediately, and take advantage of a free replacement offered by Magura.

It was determined that exposure of the brakes to colder temperatures could result in loss of brake power at the master cylinder. Only a certain number of brakes are affected, with serial numbers up to 20531 – serial numbers higher than 20601 are not affected. Riders should check the serial numbers printed on the caliper of MT6/MT8 brakes, and if their brake is part of the recall, contact Magura to arrange a free replacement of the lever.

Full recall press release and instruction for return of the brakes to Magura after the break.

Magura Initiates Select Recall of MT6 and MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

During the course of our constant product observation process, MAGURA has detected a potential fault source in part of a production batch affecting our disc brake range MT6 and MT8. The fault could potentially pose a risk to the user. As a result we recommend that you stop using these products with immediate effect. In the few cases where we have experienced this fault it is apparent that a loss of brake pressure can occur when the brake is exposed to very cold temperatures. The safety of our customers is our primary concern and any potential risk to the user due to quality issues, as in this case, leads to an immediate corrective action.

As a result we would recommend that all affected brakes are no longer used. We are offering a free of charge replacement option for any potentially involved disk brake systems which are members of the product family MT6 and MT8. Should your brake be affected the brake lever (master cylinder) will be replaced free of charge.

This replacement only applies to a limited number of MT6 and MT8 brakes which can be identified by a production number visible on the brake calliper as shown. All MT6 and MT8 brakes with serial numbers up to 20531 are subject to this replacement action and could potentially be affected.

All MT6 and MT8 brakes without a serial number on the calliper could also potentially be affected and will be replaced. MT6/8 brakes with serial numbers higher than 20601are not affected. All other MT series brakes (MT4, MT2, MTC, MTS and MT Custom) are also not affected.

For safety reasons the affected brakes should no longer be used.

The lever (master cylinder) on the affected disk brakes will be replaced by MAGURA Bike Parts GmbH & Co. KG or an approved MAGURA Service Partner. In order to avail of this replacement we will require you to remove the complete brake – lever including clamp and clamp retaining nuts, pressure line and calliper – and forward it to MAGURA Bike Parts GmbH & Co. KG in Bad Urach or alternatively to make the appropriate arrangements with your bicycle shop and/or MAGURA Service-Partner to forward the brake to us on your behalf. Brake disks and adapters should not be removed and can remain on the bicycle. The full details with regards to this free of charge replacement campaign for bicycle shops and MAGURA customers can be found on

We are aware of the implications and inconvenience this campaign may cause to our customers and would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance and to thank you for your patience and understanding. As a mark of our appreciation every bicycle shop and customer will receive a set of MAGURA brake pads free of charge per affected brake received by us as soon as the lever change has been carried out.

To ensure a fast, effective and safe replacement you are required in advance to register at before returning the brake system to us. Editor’s note: this won’t be available until March, 6th 2013.

In the event that you require our support for this campaign you can contact us directly on our Hotline which we have set-up to advise you where required. You can contact us on:

Winter (up to and including March): Mo-Th 9.00 to 16.45, Fr 9.00 to 12.00
Summer (April up to and including September): Mo-Th 9.00-16.45, Fr 9.00-15.30

We will make every effort to ensure that this replacement campaign is concluded as smoothly as possible whilst causing a minimum of inconvenience to our valued customers. We would like to take this opportunity in advance to thank you very much for your support and understanding in relation to this matter.

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  1. @Yoshi: You are damn right! From the point of view of a mechanist in a bike shop, nothing come close to Shimano.

  2. Avid Ultimate hydro was the absolutely worst piece of garbage I have ever used on a bike. They all kinda suck though.

    Shimano, or Formula if I feel like a weight weenie (but with Shimano rotors).

  3. Thumbs up Magura. I’m always impressed by companies who put their products before their reputation. People would never understand how costly this kind of recall is…

  4. ^^ Totally agree!

    Magura is an awesome company, and the MT8 is a great product! Things happen, and Magura is doing the right thing by taking care of their customers.

    FedEx’d both of my sets to Magura USA this morning!

  5. Formula, or should I say the Formula warranty/customer care department are abysmal. I had a pair of The One brakes that developed a problem with corrosion and even though still within the warranty period Formula washed their hands of the issue…. pathetic service

  6. @kern…sorry to hear that. I’ve had friends give me a hard time for spending so much on the MT8’s, but knowing the support that comes with them, makes it all worth it.

    I had several issues with my first set of MT8’s, and Magura worked with me for about a month until they were running right. Even to the point of sending new pads and rotors for free…no questions asked. They even contacted me a month later to follow up. Sorry, but THAT is customer service…and why I just picked up a second set for my new bike. This recall is just a minor setback, and I’m confident that I’ll have my brakes back rather quickly.

  7. So how do I ride my bike without brakes while they are processing the exchange? Seems more dangerous to ride without brakes than risk failure with these levers… Magura, do what normal companies do and have a bike shop confirm the recall products and send the new parts prior to removing from the bike.

  8. Hey remember when Avid brakes failed on the world cup and almost killed Cedric Gracia and took Gwin out of a winning run? Oh wait those were both Shimano brakes. Everything breaks. Avid break, Shimano break, Hope squeak, Magura leak, etc etc etc

    Normal companies don’t all advance replace parts. Specialized just recalled their forks and they did not offer loaner parts. Shops did it because they are good dealers who should be supported. One more reason not to shop online.

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