Scott Sports recently posted this inside look at their carbon fiber bicycle production facility. While every brand has their secrets, the process is generally pretty similar. What’s rare is for a company to show so much of it. Every frame is handmade, and the amount of time spent on each varies by model. How long? Scott USA’s Adrian Montgomery said:

“Each frame is different. For instance a Plasma3 takes 80 hours, a Scale takes 22 hours, a FOIL takes 40 hours. Full suspension frames come in parts but generally take about 30 hours for a Spark or Genius.”

Check out their mini-site with more details on the process here.


  1. How is the solid foam core removeable?

    Also it looks like everything is a monocoque in one image, but in other images it’s clearly tube-to-tube (albeit fancy-shaped tubes). Any rationale on which is which?

  2. Matt – my understanding (which is questionable) is the head/top/down tubes are formed as a monocoque, and the rest is tube-to-tube.

  3. in this film you see mixed sequences of
    the spark/genius front triangle done as monocque
    the plasma frame done with bonded section

    there is no real tube to tube anymore…

    @ryan: nearby but the carbon-frames aren´t made by giant
    just some of the aluminium-frames and some assembling

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