Winter Cycles Townie Headtube

Winter Bicycles are built by Mr. Eric Estlund.  Eric always produces highly refined, clean examples of bicycles.  Whether it’s NAHBS or at the Oregon Handmade Bicycle show, he never disappoints with his display pieces.  His NAHBS booth this year housed a sophisticated townie that netted him Best Finish at the show.  He also had the new stock Tool series on hand.  Eric is doing the stock bike thing a bit different from other builders however.

Past the break you get images and details of all the Winter Bicycles goodness.

Winter Cycles Townie

Winter Cycles Townie Rear Rack

Winter Bicycles Townie Side View

Winter Cycles Tool Series 1

Winter Bicycles is now offering their Tool Series of bikes.  The idea here is to cut the cost of a full custom bike for those who just want a road bike without a lot of fancy features.  Eric has done all the design work on the frame, and no options are available here (i.e. a pump peg, lugged construction, or fancy tube shapes).  Geometry however, is custom, so the rider gets a bike that fits perfectly.  And, the tube selection will vary based on rider weight and the style of riding they do.  Finishes are limited to two options and come in above pictured hammerveine, or pewter.  The final product will have stock build options as well.  The framesets come with Pegoretti Falz Carbon Fork and a Cane Creek 110 headset.  Cost is set at $2500 for the frameset, and a full Ultegra build should run about $4500.  All sales of the Tool Series bikes are customer direct, so drop Winter Bicycles a line if interested.

Winter Cycles Tool Series 1 Logo

Winter Cycles Tool Series 1 Fork

Winter Cycles Tool Series 1 Headtube

Winter Cycles Lugged Track Bike

This lovely lugged track bike was kicking around the booth too.

Winter Cycles Lugged Track Frame Seat Tube Lug

Winter Cycles Lugged Track Bike Downtube

Winter Cycles Lugged Track Frame Headtube


  1. this guy is really friendly and approachable. he makes bikes that are meant to be ridden, and not a coffee table book bike. that Townie is really awesome as well as that road bike. thanks for this feature and look forward to seeing more on this builder.

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