Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

Shimano doesn’t do a whole lot of press releases when it comes to new components, so when they do, you can expect them to be full of new products – and the latest doesn’t disappoint. There’s so much in fact, that we’re going to split it into two posts, MTB and Road/Comfort products. The mountain side of things brings logical evolution of trickle down technology, but also a few new products that we weren’t expecting. Compact triple anyone? As usual there are completely new products as well as continuous improvement type stuff aimed at keeping Shimano mountain bike parts at the head of the curve for engineering and durability.

Dive into the latest pool of Shimano Blue after the break.

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

Thanks to trickle down tech, the Deore 610 group might finally get the attention it deserves with a complete overhaul including a Shadow + rear derailleur option and ICE technology for the disc brakes. In addition, there will now be double or triple options for Deore cranksets with shifters that have 2×3 mode converters two to switch between the two. With the addition of 15mm thru axle front hubs, Deore is now mostly up to date with modern XC and Trail bikes offering a feature packed group at a presumably great price.

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a ThingShimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a ThingShimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

In a move that they are calling “big wheel specific” Dyna-Sys cranks, Shimano is introducing a new Dyna-Sys compact triple tailor made for riders on 27.5 or 29″ mountain bikes. The compact triples consist of a 22-30-40T chainring combination and will be offered in Deore 610, SLX, and Deore XT to provide optimal gearing for bigger wheels.

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a ThingShimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

To go along with the new cranks, two new derailleurs will be offered in XT and SLx – the FD-M781-A-B and FD-M671-A-B which are down swing designs with a low profile. It isn’t specified whether you will need these for the new compact triples, thought it’s probably one of those deal that for optimum shifting it is recommended –  we’ll get more info and report back.

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a ThingIf you’ve seen our Chainwear Challenge, then you know the 10 speed Dyna-sys chains turned out to be more durable than their 9 speed counterparts. Well, they just got even better. Thanks to a new surface treatment that lowers friction and increases the grease holding capacity of the chain, new HG-X chains are more durable and offer smoother shifting than ever.

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a ThingShimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

Shimano MTB 2014: Deore Gets Upgraded, 27.5 gets the Shimano Approval, and Compact Triples Become a Thing

For the haters of 27.5 or 650b, look away now. If Shimano is getting behind a standard, then chances are it’s here to stay and the new line of 27.5″ wheels shows that Shimano is committed to the tweener wheels. While not pictured, Shimano is offereing 27.5″ wheels all the way up to the Deore XT Wh-M785 along with replacement level wheels like the WH-MT35s pictured above that will also be offered in 26 and 29″ as well, with a lower WH-MT15 available in 26 and 29″. Like most Shimano wheels, the hubs are fixed due to their angular contact cup and cone bearing design – which results in better hub durability, but prevents simply changing out axles to adapt the hub.



  1. Always nice to see technology make its way down the price-points. Also when is another option (gearing, wheel size, etc.) in components a bad thing? Cheers.

  2. Seriously! f- this trend. I feel totally ripped off by this huge wheel craze. It was bad enough that Mavic stopped making the XY rim in 24″ and now not only are people running full width tyres on road rims off road (why?) but there’s another size added? and it’s also bigger than 26″. It all makes me want to shred people’s faces.

    and f- you Kirk Pacenti for muddying the waters!

  3. When I bought my first 29″, after some calculations, I arrive to the conclusion that 3×9 with chainrings 20-30-40 and 11 – 34 cassette could be a nice combination. At that time,only possible with 94/58 cranks. At the end, I moved to 3×10 Dynasys, with standard 9s cranks and 11-36 rear. Now Shimano moves in the same direction, late, and when a lot of people has already invested in 10 speed drivetrains.
    Anyway, as others, I am in the 1×10 with 30t at front for a while now… close to new Sram propossal…

  4. C’mon. XX1 has been a real innovation. This is just the same stuff as five years ago, only with 10 cogs on the rear wheel. If it wouldn’t because they are the only company with enough manufacturing capacity to dress every bike the industry can churn out, Shimano would be out if the game forever.

  5. i guess all the complainers missed that Deore shadow plus RD. thats some cool shiz for the rider on a normal budget.

    I really can’t understand why people complain about stuff like that.

  6. The news on the crankset are good.

    I wished they had put a 20… With this offer you still have to buy an extra action tec 20.

    An i would even prefer a Double crankset, with 20-34 and a big chainline (like latest surly crankset) so that the front derailleurs clears big tires on short chainstayed 29ers.
    In XTR and 180mm please.

  7. Now Shimano just needs to do the following:

    Release a Shimano answer to XX1! I’m sure they are working on it. I just picked up an XX1 drivetrain from my LBS last night, but would have prefered to buy something like it from Shimano if it existed!

    Shimano could get a massive 1-up on SRAM if they released a Shimano XX1-like group at an XT price level.

  8. Are you guys really complaining that Shimano didn’t debut some new groundbreaking tech on their 4th tier mountain group?

    @Jordi – Deore is now all 10 speed, there isn’t a 22/30/40 9-speed specific crank.

  9. I’m glad to see shadow+ make it to the Deore level, I think that will be a huge improvement. I also happy the brakes are upgraded, the price points on these are going to be great

  10. In my case, I don’t complain at all. I’ve just assembled a new AM-Enduro frame with XX1. As fat as threes another company selling the right stuff, it’s fine. Thing is selling a triple crankset w22/30/40 as something innovative is a bit out of subject.

    It is very interesting how Shimano killed the 68 5 arm BCD standard in which a 20T granny was feasible without hacks, and now they release a cranky that is obviously missing the possibility to mount such a chairing. Furthermore, triple cranksets nowadays make very little sense for most people and are becoming a niche product for travellers or people that enjoy centennials but are not fit. I don’t see any innovation.

    I’ve been aShiman o client during the M950 era. Last year I attended many enduro races with a 165mm Nox Flux with a hacked Dura-Ace Di2 that worked flawlessly all season. Di2 is a great product and real
    innovation, even when made under Campagnolo.patent license. I want something like that, or like XX1, not another shape and paint change in an otherwise obsolete 3×10 componentry

  11. Wait a minute. I thought the idea of a compact DOUBLE was so that we can avoid having to screw with triples and all of their problems…. poor shifting, chain rub on the front, derailleur rub on the tire, extra weight, etc, etc…. Welcome to the ’80’s.

  12. I work in a shop where there is LOTS of demand for very low gearing. 20 tooth front with 36 rear. Racer boys who don’t live in the mountains don’t need this gearing, but older folks and people with bad knees like to spin. Shimano/Sram gearing is still too high. Luckily we have Action-tec making 20t rings and we sell/install many of them.

  13. wtf?????

    why are we being forced to ride less gears?

    many of us still use the big 42×11 gear!!! the trend to give up on the top and bottom gears is ridicules. all to save a few$$$ on the manufacturing cost for the companies.

    like i said before. these companies are pushing towards everybody riding a million dollar single speed groupo. they will keep reducing the gears every year until we are only riding one speed.

    • @ascar, they are not eliminating cranks with 42t big rings, nor eliminating the 11t on the cassette. Just offering more options for more riders.

  14. SRAM finally throws a bone to the starved 1x crowd while Shimano goes deeper into 3x? Shimano missed the mark and is falling way behind. MTB front derailleurs will be history in a few years. They haven’t been on most of my bikes for 10 years now.

    Now let’s get some common front ring support for smaller than 28T. I’m sick of special-ordering so I can use my mountain bikes to, you know, climb mountains.

  15. So Shimano is making…
    – Cheaper clutch RD
    – better chain
    – cheaper icetech brakes
    – convertible 2-3 ring cranks
    – not eliminating anything of note
    … and yet people are complaining. Get over yourself! If you don’t want some of the other niche products, who cares. Obviously someone out there will buy it if they are.

  16. I’m f+(&%~g outraged by these choices. For Cn~t$ sake they’re getting cheaper too. What the ^&+@? Why the b&gg$£F&(k-tard can’t we just have one system for all. And theseW4@K%” wheels, just agree F%%&* sake, one size or @)&^ all. J£$+£ F()#&%g H $%&$+. And while I’m at it, for F@)*( sake why can’t these companies read the CN)$%*Ng minds of riders who change theirs every 5 £$%^& minutes. Its not like they have a 3 B$tR%& year development cycle on this $h1£. Or maybe they don’t, that’s why $^1£ comes out so fast and works like B011&H%$. W4n^£r5!

  17. too finatical for me, i just did a x4 upgrade on two bikes, both 8 speed.

    rear derailuer
    lockon grips.

    totaly rejuvinated the bikes

    goot to go.

  18. spent maybe 200 for both bikes , all parts off ebay.

    a few cables from a lbs.

    the 2800 i saved gave me a full slotted cryo treated rotors and pads on my 350z.

    lifes about a good balance.

  19. So nice to see Shimano putting out new 3x drivetrains. I will definitely be upgrading my SRAM 2×10 22/36 to one of these soon. I’m tired of the poor shifting from the 22t to the 36t, too much gearing change between 22 and 36, and the lack of high gears (ever try to pedal a 36-11 at 30 mph?). 20-30-40 would have been perfect, but maybe next year? This is a major improvement over their 24-32-42.

    Nice to see that other people also realize that 2x drivetrains are really not optimal for many riders, but that it is a lot more profitable for manufacturers.

    SRAM XO 22-33-44 is good for my Epic, but 20-30-40 is more suitable for my Camber and Stumpjumper EVO (although the 22/33 on the Stumpjumper isn’t bad).

  20. i like shimano’s close range triple cranks. fyi, they didnt really want to make xc double cranks, they did because they knew the market was trending that way. good for them for offering what the people think they want as well as what they believe is actually better.
    xx1 just doesnt do it for me…

  21. The new deore looks great. I wouldn’t be surprised if it outperforms XT of a few years ago. Still, 3 chainsrings is too much. The sooner we do away with the front derailleur the better.

  22. I agree with Greg. Shimano’s 3×10 (and 3×9) shift better than any 2×10 combination I’ve come across, and I’m fortunate enough to spend most of my waking hours playing with bikes. If I recall correctly, the (main?) selling point for the 2×10 system when it was first debuted was better shifting? Anyway, I’m sure Shimano will one day come out with a response to XX1, you know, for the 0.001% of folks who might need it. Shame on them for bringing out an affordable but genuinely MTB-able groupset.

  23. Man, all of these new-fangled gear options make me just respect the sh!t out of single-speed riders. I’d love to look at this sh!t through their eyes. “oh gears, cool!”

  24. Something for those interested in swapping rings. Shimano rep just replied me, the new compact triple cranks comes with a BCD of 96/64. 64mm 4 bolt is common, but 96mm 4 bolt?! It’s going to take a while for ring options and bash guards to be available if you’re thinking 2x/30/Bash. Maybe someone out there interested to CNC something for the market?

  25. If you’re complaining about this group, AND making comparisons to XX1. Then you might be missing the point (or consumer group) that this is for. For the newbies who weren’t lucky enough to remember 3×7’s and cantilever brakes that spanned the low and high end offerings of the early 90’s, this is a great group for the rider that wants to have fun on the trail without blowing out the bank account and get some serious tech-for-the-buck. This simply isn’t a group that is meant to push the boundries of the market, and you’re not going to see a $1100 hardtail with a 1×11 on it because that makes no sense for that rider. As for Shimano answering XX1, good things come with time. As for a soapbox….How is promoting buying SRAM X4 components ALL online whilst the conversation should be about the Deore group have any place here? That’s just being cheap by getting low low low end junk for what I hope for your safety doesn’t see any agressive riding , not balanced. Sorry.

  26. Normal riders still need triples (hell, all the gears they can get!) and are very skeptical of 2x and 1x systems. Let’s be realistic and save the singles and lesser-gear options for riders who can push them and quit complaining about gear systems that help the masses get around tough trails on their bikes. If you don’t need more gears, by all means, don’t buy them.

  27. Just purchased a 27.5 2014 Scott Genius 720 that came with the new Shimano triple in XT….love the 22-30-40 set up, but being a true XC and all mountain rider there is no use at all for the 40 ring and since there is no BCD 96mm bash rings yet, I am a little disappointed. I am sure that some of the better bash ring manufacturers like Straightline will hop on board and start to CNC these rings so I can drop the 40…..btw, always stayed true to my 26er and tried several times to like a 29, but hated the ride and handling, but this new 27.5 is the nuts!! Rolls super fast and handles like my old 26er… of both worlds!!

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