2014 Cannondale SiSL XX1 mountain bike crankset and spider

After introducing the insanely lightweight HollowGram SiSL2 crankset last summer with the equally impressive Spider Rings, Cannondale’s finally making them available for mountain bikes, too.

In actuality, it’s the same crank arms, just new spindles and spiders. Cannondale’s global marketing manager Murray Washburn told us they build their parts to be strong enough for any application, and in this case that means anything from road to all-mountain/enduro.

Coming for 2014 are double chainring and XX1 mountain bike spiders, shown here on team bikes. They’re through testing and in production and parts kits should be available by late spring or early summer.

UPDATED: Non-muddy pics added at bottom of post, along with photo of the 2x double chainring spider

2014 Cannondale SiSL XX1 mountain bike crankset and spider
Like the Spider Rings, the XX1 spider is machined out to save every last gram.

When they transitioned from the SiSL to the SiSL2, they eliminated the shoulder on the nondrive side of the spindle and switched the installation order to put the wave washer on the non-driveside. This keeps the spacing between the chainrings and the frame constant, an improvement over previous designs.

Like all of their cranksets, the arms and spiders are interchangeable. The cranksets are available now with road spiders, and mountain bike spiders will be available this spring. Or, if you have an older HollowGram crankset, any spider they’ve ever made will fit on it. This means you can also upgrade your existing cranks to the new SiSL2 arms and spindle to use with your existing spider (yes, you’ll need the new spindle also). To possibly confuse matters more, you can also install older HollowGram crankarms on the new spindle, just not the other way around.

2014 Cannondale SiSL XX1 mountain bike crankset and spider
The backside of the spider is also machined extensively. Image segment is blown out at bottom to show detail.

A road compact crankset with 172.5mm arms weighs in at a claimed 484g with the Spider Ring sans BB bearings. Because the Spider ring is a one-piece double, the XX1 compatible crankset with chainring should weigh in about the same even though the MTB spindle will be a little wider and the spider a bit beefier.

For road, the spindle is 109mm wide. For mountain bikes, it’ll be a little wider but the same spindle will work in both 68mm and 73mm wide bottom brackets by using different spacers. All variations of spacers are included in the kit, including red, green and black bearing caps. At present, HollowGram cranks won’t work with PF86 or BB386, and they aren’t claiming any plans to add that width because it would likely cause ankle clearance issues on the crank arm as they would have to flatten out.

2014 Cannondale SiSL2 XX1 mountain bike crankset

Because the arms are the same for road and mountain, they’re interchangeable, so you could move your road cranks to your mountain bike just by switching the spindle and spider.

Price for the SiSL2 mountain bike crankset kit is TBD. They’re also working on a standard HollowGram crankset that’ll be 3D forged and come in around Ultegra price points. This will give them more OEM options for cranks on their bikes but still offer a very, very light part.




The SiSL2 crankset with a mountain double chainring spider on it. This was on a team rider’s Scalpel 29er.


  1. 484g. Really? I’ve been missing out.

    XX1 GXP crank is 560g with rings, no BB. BB30 version weighs about the same?

    XO BB30 weighs about 650g with 26/39 rings, no BB.

    Saving close to 100g is no small feat, especially for something that moves. Wonder if I can even save that much weight from my shoes, socks, and pedals combined. Guessing the price for these will be well over $400, while XX1 BB30 can be found for $275 with a quick search through google.

  2. 484gr is for everything but the bearings (so it’s including the arms, one piece spider and rings combo, BB spindle and mounting bolts). The king of cranks, light, super stiff and durable too. They’re not cheap though.

    I’m happy about a Cannondale XX1 spider as currently, you can only get one from a small company in Italy and buying from them from North America is a pita. Plus, that Cannondale one looks lighter!

  3. SiSl2s are around 900 bucks. 7 if you buy them through ebay new.

    I’d like one. However, considering they don’t include bearings, it’s not too far from the weight of the BB30

  4. There is already a third-party spider available to make SiSL2 work with XX1. I guess Cannondale decided it was a good idea. The one really cool think about SiSL2 XX1 is that it provides a good (and currently he only) way to get power data from an XX1 setup. Just buy this and then Stages Power left SiSL2 crankarm.

  5. @Mark M – you can use the X.7 crank arm with the XX1 chainset to get a Stages power meter.

    Are these BB30 then, or standard 24mm axle?

  6. Tyler, Is the ‘Coming in 2014’ a typo? Seems like a long time if they are already in production.

    Coming for 2014 are double chainring and XX1 mountain bike spiders, shown here on team bikes. They’re through testing and in production and parts kits should be available by late spring or early summer.

  7. Gly – no, not a typo, just meant to imply it’ll sorta be a 2014 product, but those usually come out mid- to late summer the year prior these days. Honestly, the MY doesn’t much matter with these as Cannondale seems to use the design for several years, so it’s simply the next iteration. Sorry if that was misleading.

    All – we’re waiting to hear back on the exact spindle width, Washburn didn’t have that info handy and didn’t want to guess. I’ll update as soon as I get the numbers. My understanding is they’re pretty much flat, no step or ridge at all, only the shaping to control the crank arm depth and angle.

    Peter – sometimes we just have to shoot things when we can, mud or not. Fortunately in this case, I could snap more after the bikes were cleaned up and have added them to the post.

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