King Cage Bell Shot Glass

King Cage is a hoot at the shows, always unveiling some off-the-wall titanium and stainless steel bicycle accessories.

This year, King Cage bridged the gap between drinking and riding with a new bell, bars, and a flask cage.  Shown above, a made-in-house titanium shotglass sits on some stainless steel hardware that lets it work as a bell.  The hardware clamps to the bar and you can easily remove the shotglass. The bells were made and engraved specifically for NAHBS and we’ll hopefully see them soon on the King Cage’s site. They’ll retail at $40.

Whisky bars and flask cages after the break…

King Cage Bar Flask

Soon to go into production is the Whisky Bar, a titanium handlebar sealed at one end and threaded at another so you can fill them up with liquid. The end pieces are threaded shot glasses made over at Paragon Machine Works while the titanium bars will be made in-house. They’ll retail at roughly $200.

KIng Cage Stanley Flask Holder

Also, since we’re huge fans of the King Cage Mud flask we picked up last year, we were very excited to see King Cage’s new Stanley stainless steel flask holder. It’ll hold any standard Stanley flask and will retail at about $20.


  1. Here in Germany I can ride legally with up to 0.16% blood alcohol content (1.6 promille). These are really great accessories for the cycling alcoholic lifestyle. Can they be had in oversize diameters? 🙂

  2. A totally enibriated to the point of memory loss Friday night ride will always lead to an adventurous spin home on Saturday. This product is just the ticket for those of us who cannot face ANY sort of reality without alcohol. Kudos.

  3. you can keep any cold-tepid liquid in a flask, not just alcoholic beverages. Milk, juice, kool-aid, tea, or even blood.

  4. the whisky bar is next level for sure. Also, good to see a flask holder… my old Ahearne Spaceman Flask holder has been faithful–now that i think about it, the flask cage and surly flask may be my best cycling purchase after all these years.

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