White Industries Gates Belt Drive Freewheel

Gates and White Industries have partnered up to produce the CDX freewheel. The CDX is built using the industry leading ENO platform. It features a center track system, 22 tooth profile, and a 36 pawl engagement system. The body is 8620 ally steel that is case hardened and nickel plated, and the sealed bearings are serviceable. MSRP is set at $275.

Past the jump you get XX1 and fat bike hubs.

White Industries Sram XX Spider

Want to run XX1 with your White Industries crankset? Now you can thanks to this new spider.

White Industries Fat Bike Hubs

White Industries joins the fray and launches their SnoWhite fat bike hubs. They are trying out a new color for the first time in a long time. Anodized matte grey is shown here. A high polished version will be available as well. Widths are 135mm front and 170mm rear.



  1. Does the front hub match the rear hub standard (to fit Surly and Salsa forks) or the front standard (like a Paul hub) to fit some of the other aftermarket forks?

    Just eyeballing it, it looks like the former.

  2. I’ll 2nd that, Walt. And, why would they wait for XX1 to release a spider. I would have bought their cranks a long time ago if I had the option of a standard 104 bcd spider.

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