Sanomagic Wooden Road Bike

What happens when a wooden ship builder combines his knowledge of wood working with his passion for bicycles?  These happen.  Sanomagic created a lot of buzz on the show floor.

Sail past the break for a gallery of images showcasing these beautiful wooden bikes.


  1. @WR – Assuming I read the builders website (translated to english) correctly, he’s had a wooden bike he built that has been raced with success.

  2. I met with this builder (I’m Japanese). He said that the material is mahogany and it is no longer can cut down freely, so he only can build the bike with his stock. He is not sure how many he can build for the future, but said not so many. And also said he has many back orders for 3 or 4 years.

  3. @Nick – I wish I could do so, but I’m living in Japan and not have enough budget to visit the US… (also my wife won’t let me travel alone 😉

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