Rol wheels new road tubeless rim extrusion and wheels

Rol Wheels is now building wheels with their own rim extrusion, which is tubeless compatible and available in 25mm and 30mm depths.

Shown above, he D’Huez (25) and Race SL (30) are both 22.4mm wide at the brake track and use 20/24 CX Ray spokes front/rear with DT alloy nipples. Retail is $725 and $700 respectively, weights are 1423g and 1525g. Rim weights are 422g and 475g.

There’s also the Race SLR that has four extra spokes per wheel for heavier riders. Weight is 1555g and price is $750.

Rol wheels new road tubeless rim extrusion and wheels

They get a small shelf and need lip to help seat the tire.

Logos are reflective, even in black, and they’ll offer the wheels with either white or black decals.


  1. Funny. I got a pre-production set of the Race SLR’s about two or three months ago. Sean at Rol didn’t mention that they were tubeless, but I had a feeling after hearing their distinct “pop” when the tires seated. I set them up with 2 layers of Stan’s tape, and now am jiust waiting for the new Schwalbe TL tires to be available.

  2. Oh yeah…forgot to mention that the wheels have been excellent, right on the weight estimate (with the tape on), and have held up to my 240 pounds beautifully. That includes a fair amount of gravel road riding, to boot.

  3. Thumbs up for more tubeless rims. Would love to see tubeless take over. Who needs clinchers and tubes? Triathletes? Train on tubeless race on tubular.

  4. As a somewhat different experience than Marc’s:
    We have had a whole Team using the Rol product without a problem, ranging from training to racing sets, clincher, tubular and tubeless conversions.

    We have had two customers experience ‘problems’ that involved potholes (when they admit to it…), but were taken care of by the Rol boys in suitable Texan fashion.

    The hubs they use just spin forever.

  5. I’ve been running some of ROL D’Huez wheels for 3 years. Never had an issue with them beyond the usual up north winter weather problems.

  6. @Marc… I have been selling Rol product through my shop for several years, and, to date, we have had no issues. Would you care to elaborate?

  7. These are excellent wheels! I have a five year old pair D’huez clinchers that I’ve beat on in New England cross racing and winter riding. The only issue I ever had was spent front wheel bearings from all of the mud and washing. Sean sent new bearings free of charge. I also raced on the CX38 carbon tubulars and C50 carbon clinchers. All of them exceed my expectations. Pricing is very reasonable and I’d buy the D’Huez again without hesitation.

  8. Issues were spokes breaking and/or pulling. Rol did a good job responding to the problems. But considering I know 2 people using the wheels and they are both on something different within 3 years doesn’t give me a lot of confidence. I’m not trying to burn anyone but if I was recommending a +$600 wheelset to a customer it would not be these.

  9. I have a pre-production set of the new race sl’s with about 1500 miles on them and they are awesome wheels, the wide profile rims are a game changer in stability, cornering and the ability to run a much lower tire pressure 95-100 psi w/o the fear of pinch flats and they are fast. have not gone tubeless yet but I plan to do so. I have several friend riding ROL’s and they have had no issues and Owner Sean Lamberts customer service is the best that I have ever seen anywhere.

  10. One or two years ago ROL did contact me concerning my Race Slr wheelset being possibly defective due to I believe spoke problems. I was sent a prepaid Fedex label to return my rear wheel. Had it back rebuilt within several days. That being said I’m very satisfied with these and have never had any problems. In fact , wheelset upgrades for my other rides will definitely be ROLs.

  11. A regular at my shop had me build up a set of wheels using Rol’s new 30mm deep rims, and the finished wheelset rode remarkably well. I don’t recall his being tubeless, but if it’s a rolling change then all the more is it a good rim.

  12. I have a set of the D’Huez wheels from 2006 that have been my daily wheels up until two weeks ago. I recently inspected them (finally) while changing a tire, and found a crack developing around a nipple on the rear wheel. I have no idea how long it has been there. I’m 6′, and about 165 lbs. No issues with the wheels up until the crack was discovered. Never needed truing, just routine hub lubrication, etc. I think I paid $615 shipped back in the day, so I’d say they treated me well as I’ve really beat on them, especially lately. Should they have lasted longer? I can’t say. I’m currently riding an original set of rolf vector pro wheels from 1996, and they are still going strong. That being said, the rol wheels met my expectations, and I am currently considering getting another pair.

  13. I’m considering upgrading wheels on my trek domain s, . Had the app to speak to ean, what a very nice man and willing too take the time to discuss my options!! First class Customer Service!!

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