Niner Bikes include IMBA membership with mountain bike purchase

Niner is teaming up with IMBA to bring you a killer bike, and a year long membership to IMBA. The Limited Edition R.I.P. RDO LTD bike will feature an XX1 build kit along with a sweet build kit making it the perfect steed for you to get out and take advantage of the trails your IMBA membership helps build. For now the program will be limited to this single bike, but if it is successful Niner says they will certainly look at expanding it to other models.

Check out the updated  post with the bike after the break.

PRESS RELEASE: As a part of their ongoing efforts to support the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), Niner Bikes will be including a paid-in-full certificate for an IMBA membership with every RIP 9 RDO LTD Edition XX1 complete bike purchased in the United States. ??The RIP 9 RDO is a new model for Niner and the LTD Edition build kit includes the hotly anticipated SRAM XX1 drivetrain. This should be a great way for Niner to create IMBA members – they will receive a year of benefits, paid for by Niner. Hopefully, after seeing what IMBA is all about, these new members will choose to become renewing supporters.

“Niner couldn’t exist without mountain bike trails and trail access – we know this, and want to do what we can to give back.” said Niner president Chris Sugai “I hope we foster significant long term membership growth. If the program is successful, we will certainly find ways to expand it.”

“Everyone wins when companies step up like this to promote IMBA’s work building trails, organizing volunteer days and preserving access” said Rich Cook, IMBA’s Director of Development, “Niner sets the gold standard of what a small company can do to help grow the cause, protect the resources and trails that we all enjoy.”

Individually numbered IMBA certificates will ship with bike orders. Memberships are transferable in the case that purchasers are already IMBA members. The RIP 9 RDO LTD Edition XX1 bikes ship the second week of March for $6499USD, through authorized Niner dealers: . Interested riders can find complete bike information at

For more information about IMBA or to join, visit:


  1. Great idea- more companies should do this. Any bike over $1000 should come with an IMBA membership (because not everyone who buys a mountain bike goes mountain biking). Funny how people who spend thousands of dollars on mountain biking annually refuse to join IMBA. One reason I renewed with IMBA is that I really enjoy Mountain Flyer magazine which comes free with my membership.

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