Orge Road Bike

NAHBS 2013 isn’t just limited to US builders.  This year, Ogre (warning – geocities link) from Japan was displaying two handcrafted titanium (and carbon) bikes featuring a lot of welding.  The road frame seems to be a cross between a Trek Y-Foil, a Softride, and a stealth bomber.

Click through for detail shots, an MTB with a welded curve, and a carbon fiber hand bag made with gold.

Ogre Road Bike Rear Stays

Ogre Road Bike Handlebars

Ogre Road Bike Fork

Ogre Road Bike Carbon Toptube

Ogre Road Bike Carbon Toptube with Gold

The gold here is not paint.  Rather, it is gold powder and gold fibers laid onto the carbon.

Ogre MTB Full Bike

This Ti mountain bike has a lovely curved downtube.  However, rather than bend the tube, master builder Eiji Konishi of Ogre cut small sections of tubes and welded them in to create the bends.

Ogre MTB Curved Down tube

Ogre MTV Curved Downtube 2

Ogre Carbon Fiber Handbag Closed

Ogre Carbon Fiber Handbag Open

Also on display in their booth was this fancy handbag.  It uses the same gold powder and gold fiber as seen in the top tube of their road bike.



  1. Well the aesthetic is cool…very cyberpunk. Also totally unnecessary.
    I just want to know how much that road frame weighs. Seriously, lets make guesses. I say at least 10 pounds. Maybe 15?

  2. A unique aesthetic, not for everyone, but an art for art’s sake. In the world of fabrication, the more the welds, the more the chances of voids and contamination that can lead to a failed weld. These are pretty bikes, but are more likely to end up as wall rack art.

  3. Does this site make a BIG DEAL out of every terrible builders design?I know there has to be some good custom bike builders that can make something different but still aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

  4. So instead of bending tubes, they created a bend with a ton of potentially weak spots. No matter how good the welding may be, why the heck would you do that?

  5. Holy crap- this is the coolest thing I’ve seen from the show. Probably not efficient structures–and certainly not efficient labor-wise– but talk about coming out of left field…

  6. Mesmerizing. This is straight up artwork. I’m glad BikeRumor took a closer look at it. I’m a fan of Ogre and Eiji Konishi now.

  7. bike made to hang on a wall not ride…………yes the wall of a dumpster…

    seriously look how far back the saddle is behind the center of the BB. more like a Schwinn cruiser. i cannot even comment on the welds. just mortified. 🙁

    it’s one thing to innovate and take a chance on something new, but this is a mockery of what this show is all about.

  8. I think a lot of people (read: everyone so far) forget that at NAHBS you need to stand out to get noticed. This is one way to do it, and i’d to see you lot try and weld that well!

  9. Wow! The work by this builder is amazing! The best I have ever seen at NAHBS. The were builders from other booths coming over and drooling in awe of the ingenuity and craftsmanship.

  10. I’m pretty sure that covering interesting or even bizarre looking bikes from a bike show falls within what would be expected of people covering such show. Acumen has nothing to do with it.

  11. I spent the day at the show yesterday and in a sea of sameness it was nice to stumble on the Ogre booth. I saw these bikes as an out-of-the-box exercise that clearly illustrated the builders skill and imagination.

  12. I think these frames show a lot of interesting ideas. Yeah, they are kind of whack as a whole, but I think shows like this are really for showing new concepts and sharing ideas. of course you’re not going to spend $9000 on this. it’s not for riding. it’s for demonstration of ideas.

    love the idea of a non-carbon integrated handle bar. Has anyone done these for a road bike before? I think the blocky fabricated monocoque thing is an interesting way of approaching it. we see similar shapes with composites and hydroforming, why not do it in titanium if you’ve got the skill to do it?

  13. I saw this bike in person, the amount of detail that went into the chainstays alone was really breathtaking. Sure it’s not the most fast or shapely bike, but I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

  14. Yall haters should stop hating… yes this is lots of welding for a mtb, but i’m guessing this guy’s purpose was to demonstrate his skills at welding. Just take a look at this nice road bar and admire the look of it..this guy definitely knows how to bend tubes. He pushed the limits of welding and i think this is amazing. He brought bikes to a show, he got people to talk about him so i guess those 2 bikes are a success.

  15. The most unique bikes at NAHBS this year and yes I was there. These guys stepped it up a notch in fabrication. Need to see them in person to truly appreciate the craftsmanship.

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  17. Hey you all,many of you were worried about the welds to be weak, This guy builds a Trial bike which was the 2nd overall on the national championship, and absolutely lightest and the best trial bike ever. Some pros checked the frames and were surprised as to how rigid and light the frame is.

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