Bishop Cycles Lugged Road Bike

My stop by Bishop Handmade Bikes this year, like every year, was filled with eye candy.  We, and now you, are treated to a lovely lugged road bike with modern parts (that won best road bike at NAHBS 2013), a 70’s themed track bike, a raw track bike with NOS Campy Super Record and Cinelli parts, and a classic lugged townie.

Images galore past the jump.

Bishop Cycles Lugged Road Bike Paint and HeadTube

The paint on this lugged beauty follows the breaks in the tubes.  Each section of the frame gets a color.

Bishop Cycles Lugged Road Bike Custom Top Cap and Tool

Sometimes, you just build a part you want to build because you can. In this case an afternoon was “wasted” building a custom top cap and tool to remove it.  Time well spent if you ask me.

Bishop Cycles 70's Themed Track Bike

This track bike is the painted frame that was displayed raw at last years NAHBS.  The final build up is done in a 70’s theme in conjunction with drillium.

Bishop Cycles 70's Themed Track Bike drillium crank

Seriously.  It’s lighter.

Bishop Cycles 70's Themed Track Bike Campy Seat Post

Wait?  Could it be?  Why yes it is.  Campy seat post.  Fluted to boot.

Bishop Cycles Raw Frame Full Bike

Just like last year, Bishop had a raw frame on display at this years show.  This work of art was built up using NOS Campy Record track parts the customer sent him, plus NOS Cinelli parts Bishop already has on hand.   The paint scheme will include the old Martini Team colors.  I can’t want to see this one when it’s finished.  Keep up with the Bishop Flickr page for more details.

Bishop Cycles Raw Frame NOS Campy Wheels

Bishop Cycles Raw Frame Seat Stay Bridge

It’s all in the details.

Bishop Cycles Classic Lugged Townie Bike

Navy blue and gold are the colors found on this classic lugged townie.  Drilled Campy brake levers and a 1 x 5 drivetrain with NOS parts round out the build.

Bishop Cycles Classic Townie Chain Watcher

Bishop Cycles Classic Townie NOS Campy Deraillure

Bishop Cycles Classic Townie Headtube Badge



  1. These frames are all right but they probably cost from 5k up. 10 years ago you could get a ti bike for 3k, now you just get the basic steel frame for 5k.

  2. If Nakre thinks that is a “basic” frame, I don’t think he is the person the bike is being marketed towards. Really superb craftsmanship. Some of the most beautiful lugs I’ve ever seen.

  3. Actually the raw track bike is mine,and I‘m pretty sure that Chris’s superb skill and eye on the details are among the best around the world···

  4. I’d rather spend 3000$ for a stylish, unique, handcrafted steel (or Ti) frame, than for a plastic/carbon frame covered with stickers, manufactured by a Taiwanese company in thousands of copies…

  5. Ajax- as a close friend of Chris, and an owner of two of his frames, I can assure you that their functionality is parallel to their beauty. Otherwise that’s what you call a bad business model. You want a utilitarian bike? Get a Surly. Better yet, get a Bishop. Or any custom bike, for that matter.

  6. I don’t normally comment on posts, but couldn’t pass this one up.. I too own a bishop. He built mine up with extremely rare tubing/ lugs and totally personalized it all. It’s so beautiful and fully functional. It has turned so many heads and people constantly take picures of it appreciating his workmanship. As for function, my bike is SUPER FAST and can easily keep up and lead the pack with carbon roadies… the first comment made is pure ignorance…

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