Thirty years ago, Campagnolo released a special 50th anniversary groupset. With limited production numbers and gold plated accents, even those of us young enough to still be regularly carded at the local brewery (such as myself) have come to revere the legendary boxed edition. There isn’t a cyclist with a pulse who doesn’t understand the appeal. The first boxed set (groupo #1) remains in the company archive, the second was given to Pope John Paul II, and any remaining low number mint condition groups can be found on ebay for the relatively low buy-it-now-price of your first born.

For everyone who couldn’t afford the original boxed set, or any enthusiast of exotic hand made Italian components, the company is releasing a new special limited edition of it’s drool worthy mechanical Super Record groupset this year.

The groupset is claimed to be their lightest ever at a scant 1,862g. Price has yet to be announced. More pictures after the break….

The left inside crank arm will be stamped with the grouppo #.

Campagnolo is also releasing two 80th Anniversary wheelsets. Both feature 50 mm tall aero rims, Cult bearings, and  G3 spoking pattern. The main difference is in braking surface. A full carbon wheelset weighs 1,310 g, while the carbon/aluminum set tips in at 1,590g.


  1. I’d gladly take that gruppo today and give you a donut tomorrow. I have to admit, though, that I’d sell the wheels and use the dosh to buy some Enve SES clinchers. Would using that gruppo on slush and salt covered winter roads be wrong?

  2. @psi squared: Acceptable as long as you can ensure that the salt and slush would result in the hideous 80th anniversary logo being rubbed off!

  3. Not impressed. Anyone remember the 50th Anniversary group? It was freaking gold plated, included upgraded parts etc… this red paint logo is a joke. Kinda like everything Campy these days. Seems like they are trying to still ride of the coattails of their “Italian Craftsmanship” of yore without actually having the quality they once did. Kinda sad.

  4. I wonder how long these components would last. Unlike the 50th edition which is probably working fine now, this group probably won’t be around when the 100th edition is out?

  5. $3740 for the gruppo, $3765 if you run a compact. $4600 for the Bora Twos, $2500 for the Bullet Ultra 50’s. Pricing was announced days ago.

  6. Distinct carbon finish and black just doesn’t work well to make things special. Gold accents alone would’ve made for considerable improvement. Should’ve gone bright and shiny with the metal components. Sounds sleezy, but in reality it would come off as something more special.

  7. It looks even more unremarkable in person than it does in the photos. I agree that this effort is a fail and a major missed opportunity by the folks at Campy. Is it not odd that the launch comes just at the end of Campy’s fiscal year? It’s all about milking the big dogs that just can’t help themselves but to buy it. I will say however that this grouppo would look great on a raw or matte finish carbon bike.

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