Peakcock Groove Voltron BIke

Last year, Erik of Peacock Groove showed off his over the top show stopper Evil Dead II track bike.  In an effort to ward off evil this year, he is displaying his Voltron track bike.  Rumor has it, the bike has already saved NAHBS twice from the evil of the galaxy.

For more images of the Voltron bike, plus a couple of pretty awesome fat bikes, hit the jump.

Peakcock Groove Voltron BIke Rear Wheel 2

Peakcock Groove Voltron BIke Rear Wheel 3

The amazing artwork was again done by Brad Gavlin of Dirt Design Graphics.

Peakcock Groove Voltron BIke Front Wheel

Get your quads ready for launch!

Peakcock Groove Voltron BIke Saddle

The custom saddle is the icing on the cake.  It was done by Paul Smith of Stoke Seats.

Peacock Groove Lunch Box Shop Bike

This fat bike has been a project that was kicking around the Peacock Groove shop for a couple of years now. Erik finally finished the build   When the bike went to paint, he asked for anti-freeze green with a pound of glitter in it, and that is exactly what he received.   The photos don’t show it so well, but in person, this bike looks like it has a bass boat paint job.  The bike is named The Lunch Box, and the intent is to put a front rack on it that will hold take out food and beer.

Peakcock Groove Lunch Box Shop Bike Top Tube

Peakcock Groove Lunch Box Shop Bike Seat Stay

Peakcock Groove Lunch Box Shop Bike BB Shell

Peakcock Groove Gravel Fat Bike

Chris Skogen is the owner of this bike, and let me tell you, he is a good dude.  If you don’t know already, Chris organizes the Almanzo 100 gravel race each year, and he does it for free.  Not to mention the race is free to enter.  He placed an order for a single speed fat bike with Erik a while back, and this is what came of that project.  The bike is set up single speed currently, but built to moonlander standards so it can run a full drive train if needed / wanted.

Peacock Groove Gravel Fat Bike Gravel Logo

The logo takes a bit of a departure from the stickers and metal cutouts often found on Peacock Groove bikes.  This one is made from actual gravel taken from the Almanzo race course.

Peakcock Groove Gravel Fat Bike Chain Stay

The stay manipulation on this ride is extreme  and beautiful.

Peakcock Groove Gravel Fat Bike Double Bubble BB Shell and a half

Sometimes things almost work, and then you modify to fix them.  In this case, those amazing stays didn’t quite give the desired wheel base length Erik was going for.  So, he took another BB shell, hacked it in half, and welded it on, thus creating the “Double Bubble Butt.”



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