Mad Alchemy Vegan Embrocation Front

We’re suckers for new products that hit the market, and when browsing all the vegan clothing and schwag Handlebar Mustache was offering, we stumbled across this goody.

Mad Alchemy‘s marketing a new Vegan Embrocation product to add to an already existing line that ranges from embrocation, to chamois creme, to lip balm. It features a bunch of oils, and waxes and should do the job. We’re not sure if it’ll hit the market, or when, but pricing is $20 at NAHBS.

Ingredients list after the break along with Handlebar Mustache’s wall of t-shirts.

Mad Alchemy Vegan Embrocation Rear

Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Shea butter, Soy Wax, Capsicum annum, essential oils.

Mad Alchemy Vegan Embrocation

Handlebar Mustache Shirts

More after ride apparel over at Handlebar Mustache.


  1. My coach told be to get cortisone laced chamois cream even though he said “my testicals will be the size of raisins but I will win the bike race”

  2. chris, please feel free to post your real identity so we can all see what sort of a hipster douche you are not. I would like to know more about you than you don’t capitalize your name and make redundant statements.

  3. @chris

    I got your back. It is hipster douche. Seriously. I’m sure there is a TV playing Portlandia on an endless loop somewhere in their booth, too.

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