challenge Eroica and Almanzo gravel road bike tires

Challenge’s Almanzo and Eroica are two new 700x30c wide gravel road race tires.

Eroica is named after a race in Tuscany, Italy. It’s got a 260tpi casing and comes in at 340g for the tubular ($110) and 320g for the open clincher ($76). Available in black and skinwall.

Almanzo is named after a US gravel race and is a slightly narrower version of the Grifo XS. Same basic specs as the Eroica but with a more aggressive tread pattern.

Pics and more below…

challenge Eroica and Almanzo gravel road bike tires

challenge Eroica and Almanzo gravel road bike tires

Both have dual puncture protection using a new material, one layer directly under the tread and another (red) inside the casing. Available now.


Latex tubes now available outside of a tubular tire. They’re completely seamless. Road tube is 65g and cyclocross version (wider) is 75g. They launched this past season, but production wasn’t up to demand so they’re ramping up.


  1. Yum! Challenge tires are fab, fat tires are where it’s at, and latex tubes roll great. Stick these on a good steel frame with enough clearance and you’ll forget all about your race bike.

  2. Anyone know when/where these are available? There are a few “season opener” races where I live that the Almanzo would be perfect for and the Eroicas are just damn cool!

  3. A true gravel “race” tire would be tubeless. Given the performance of the paris roubaix clincher, I’ll be skeptical until I hear some actual performance reviews.

  4. I’ve ridden 3 gravel century races with tubed wheelsets and never had a flat. I’ve also ridden 2 tubeless without incident. Your average gravel course is nothing like the cobbles of Roubaix. I’m excited to try the Almanzo this season as it’s bound to be a little faster when the gravel is packed. Race season can’t come soon enough!

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