Over the past few seasons Aaron Gwin, of the most dominant riders in World Cup History, has been teaming up with legendary trainer (and motocross rider) Ryan Hughes of Ryno Power to get in race ready shape.

Check out the short interview for a little insight into the unique work out regimen and exercises that go into preparing the reigning world cup overall champ for the upcoming season.



  1. great video – it’s amazing how much training has come on since I was a kid, focus on core strength, flexibility, reaction speeds. great stuff! In my day – repetitive boring, running, press-ups and squats no matter what the sport was . . . scheesh!

  2. Gimmicky training. Used to be that there was a new type of an blaster or bow flex thingy every week. Now, the new gimmicks are these new so-called techniques to harness a more effective workout.

  3. it’s not gimmicky. bowflex or whatever are gimmicks. doing stuff like turkish get-ups and kettlebell swings has serious benefit to FUNCTIONAL performance. these are very near the natural movements that you need to do stuff like downhill or XC or MX. almost all of them focus on the core. just lifting weights or pedaling alone will leave you with serious imbalances that will end up (deleted) your world later in life.

    look at soldier in Afghan or Iraq that are on long-term combat patrol or FOB duty. those guys are lean and mean with FUNCTIONAL fitness. it’s the dudes in the rear echelon that are all swole and have no mobility because they have no balance in their fitness.

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