This past weekend at the Australian National Champs, our friends at [R]evolution magazine spotted something more exciting than the proverbial Big Foot!

This brand new prototype from Kona, one of the three in the world,  is a radical departure from their current downhill bike – the Operator. It features sleek new aggressive lines, geometry, and a few special new features.

Drop past the break for the details…

What we know for sure  is  the bike features integrated bump stops, internal cable routing, only the front triangle is carbon, and apparently the full build is wicked light.

We couldn’t quite make out the chain stay numbers or some of the other details listed on the frame, but according to the spec list listed on the frame, you can expect a 64 degree head angle, 104mm BB, and a 157mm rear end when this bike makes it into production.

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  1. how has nobody commented on the super oddball 104mm BB and 157mm rear end? i looked up srams fat bike cranks from the week old BR article and those used 100mm BB. this is just a dumb move

  2. @ccolagio: 104mm press fit BB is the same as an 83mm threaded BB shell, just like a 92mm press fit BB is the same as a 73mm threaded BB shell. And the 157mm rear is a 150mm with 3.5mm guide slots on the frame, just like the 142mm hub is a 135mm with 3.5mm guide slots on the frame.

  3. @KJR: wasnt aware that there was an 104 press BB. my thoughts are – will longer crank spindles (thus special cranks) be needed and will a special 157mm hub be needed or are they just using a 150+ spacers. being that 142 rear ends use 142 hubs and not spaced 135 hubs

  4. @ccolagio, it will accept a standard DH crank, it is the same spindle just the bearings are pressed into the frame. The rear wheel just using different end caps. All 135 x 12 wheels developed in the past few years can be changed to 142×12 and most 135x10QR as well. 142×12 hubs are the same width as 135, they are not special, same with 150 to 157.

  5. Just like you can put 135×12 into 142 – with two spacer (though it will be marginally less stiff as cups do not rest in frame), you can use 150×12 in 157.

  6. ..problems will be when everybody is making their hubs in 157, and do not provide retrofit to 150. Just like stupid Shimano has 142×12, but no 135×12 conversion for my frame.

  7. Mountain Biking as a Sport is only 35 years old… look how far any other sport evolved in that time period like Snow boarding, or scuba diving, or ultralight aircraft. In the same time period essentially we’ve gone from strapping lawnmower engines with propellers onto hang gliders to an entire light sport aircraft industry that forced the FAA to adopt new rules and regulations and create a new pilot category along with it.

    People need to quit living in the past.

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