showers pass

Showers Pass recently intro’d a couple new commuter and city cycling shells as well as wind- and water proof gloves. Now, they’re tackling trail riders, too.

The new Refuge jacket looks to be a great solution for mountain bikers with its protected shoulder patches (keeps packs from wearing on the material) and rear stow pocket. Another nice touch is an extendable rear flap to cover your butt when things get really sloppy or to sit on while riding the lift (or just tailgating).

SP claims it’s highly breathable, but even the best waterproof materials and laminates limit the escape of perspiration vapors, so we’re liking the massive front zip vents. Seems like a better placement than buried in the pits. The jacket uses their three-layer waterproof performance fabric with fully taped seams. Combined with Aquaguard Vision zippers, it’s all but impenetrable.

The hood is adjustable and sized to fit over any helmet. For lighter conditions, it’s removable. There’s 360° reflectivity and two light loops, making it commuter friendly, too.

Retail is $279 and it’s available in Graphite and Cayenne.


  1. This looks like an update of the discontinued Mountain Elite with better detailing and vents. I hope they put an exhaust vent in the back, that is one of the old jacket’s weaknesses.

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