Bar Fly for Cateye, Tate Labs Expands Compatibility of the Bar Fly

You’ve seen the first version of the Bar Fly for Garmin GPS computers, then version 1.1 for Garmins, or any of the other companies offerings that are also for Garmin head units. Now though, there is a new Bar Fly from Tate Labs – and it’s not for Garmins. If you’re running a computer on your road bike and it’s not a Garmin, there is a fairly good chance that it might be a Cateye computer instead. For those who want something cleaner than the stock mounts for their Cateye, soon there will be a Bar Fly for Cateye.

Bar Fly for Cateye, Tate Labs Expands Compatibility of the Bar Fly

As the first and only mount that puts your Cateye computer out in front of the stem, the Cateye Barfly is compatible with 12 different Cateye models. Like all Bar Flys, the Cateye version is made in the USA, and as a bonus it is actually endorsed by Cateye themselves. Like the Garmin models, the new Cateye option is machined from Delrin making it light, and strong.

Bar Fly for Cateye, Tate Labs Expands Compatibility of the Bar Fly

Cateye compatibly Bar Fly units will retail for $19.95 and will be available for purchase starting on March 1. We’ve also heard they are working on mounts for both an iPhone among other electronic devices, more on those when we have it.

Bar Fly for Cateye, Tate Labs Expands Compatibility of the Bar Fly


Compatible Models:

  • CC-GL50 “Stealth 50”
  • CC-GL10 “Stealth 10”
  • CC-AT200W “Adventure”
  • CC-MC200W “Micro Wireless”
  • CC-PD100 “Fit”
  • CC-COM10W “Commuter”
  • CC-RD430DW “Strada Digital Wireless”
  • CC-RD420DW “Strada Digital Wireless”
  • CC-RD410DW “Strada Digital Wireless”
  • CC-RD400DW “Strada Double Wireless”
  • CC-RD300W “Strada Wireless”
  • CC-VT220W “Urban Wireless


  1. I still use my CatEye CD-300dw because it mounts in this exact manner. Why CatEye stopped and why others haven’t started mounting their comp’s this way baffles me. Also, the 300dw is one of the few basic options i’ve found that will actually display cadence constantly, not buried in a menu like the crap StradaDW.

  2. (deleted). Just to mount this you have to: 1) Unbolt stem face-plate, 2) Un-wrap on side of bar, 3) Loosen and remove a shifter, then do those 3 steps in reverse. Add a damn hinge…the extra 3 grams is worth it, not to mention the wasted time saved!

  3. @Markk, there is an opening in the mount. It is flexible enough that you can open it up to place it around your bars without going through the hassle you describe.

  4. I wish they would produce a model for my CyclOps Jewel 2.0. That big block on the stem is useless in racing situations both on my road bike and TT bike. I don’t really want replace the computer to get a Garmin. Please, please make a model for the CyclOps!

  5. Their website states:
    Tate Labs will be releasing several new products in 2013 beginning with a Bar Fly mount for Cat Eye cyclometers, Bar Fly for Power Tap Joule as well as a Bar Fly mount for I-phones. Check back for release dates and more information. We will post updates as soon as possible.

  6. Nice looking clamp. I have the V2c which unfortunately is not compatible but then I have the KCNC bar clamp which looks nicer in my opinion.

    Pretty much all bar clamps allow you to clamp the computer in front of the stem, so this is not new but having a stem with built in clamp would be something different.

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