Sabbath Cycles is a British brand that builds exclusively with titanium. They recently updated their Monday’s Child titanium crit racer with a curvy, biovalized downtube, giving it a very unique look.

The new tube shape combines with curved stays and a triangulated top tube, giving the bike stiffness for power transfer (it is a crit bike, after all) with forgiveness over cracked asphalt and other less than perfect conditions.

Frame is double butted 3/2.5 titanium with a CNC machined 6/4 headtube and dropouts. The biovalized shape gives them more weld surface area at both the headtube and bottom bracket shell, and the seat tube also ovalizes as it moves downward to the BB. The seatstays bow outward and use an ovalized shape to provide a bit of compliance while remaining laterally stiff.

Check out two more of their bikes after the break…

The Silk Road is a new frame for them and is aimed at the Sportive rider. The downtube is also biovalized, but without the curves, and it builds in discrete fender mounts. Seatstays are also ovalized and curved here, they just bend inward instead of outward as on Monday’s Child.

The September aims more at the light touring rider by offering rack and fender mounts with longer chainstays and a bit slacker head angle. Front triangle is straight gauge titanium and is built stiff and strong. They rate it as good for carrying loads up to 25kg.



  1. “‘Beaten like a red-headed step’ Child” might be more appropriate – I agree, not aesthetically pleasing to me. Partly due to the portly fork.

  2. While I appreciate its uniqueness, I’d have to agree it looks disjointed, esp. at the fork interface. Maybe a tapered headtube would have smoothed out the lines? Also, the 4x (!?) 0.5″ spacers aren’t helping things at all…

  3. It’s either unique or it’s not, hence no such thing as “very” or “one of the most” unique.

    Yes, I will also correct everyone’s misuse of “your”, “their” and “loose”.

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