2013 Knog Party Coil Lock bicycle security cableJoining the Milkman, Bouncer and Strongman bicycle locks they introduced last summer, Knog’s new Party Coil brings a light duty cable to the festivity.

The Party Coil has an 8mm steel braided cable over a fiber core, which makes it extremely flexible and resistant to cutting since it’ll crush before being cut. This simple measure adds time and frustration, which could be enough to save your ride, though Knog does say this one’s meant as secondary security rather than the primary lock in rough and tumble ‘hoods.

The 1.3m coil is covered in a silicone/PVC coating that’s smooth and soft, gliding easily across your frame without scratching it. Lock housing is diecast zinc allow with nickel plating on the mechanism. It retails for $24.95 and includes three color-coded keys on a slinky wrist band. Color options are Black, Indigo, Grape, Rose, Red, Lime, Turquoise and White.

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