2013 Fulcrum Red Wind XLR CX cyclocross wheels with 50mm carbon fairing

Billed as 2013 models, four new Fulcrum cyclocross wheelsets come just as we’ve capped off the race season in Kentucky.

The “CX Collection’s four models build off existing road bike wheel designs, the primary difference being new double seals protecting the bearings, which adds around 20g and £10 per set. All are handbuilt, and all are compatible with Campagnolo and SRAM/Shimano cassettes. Not new but also being promoted as part of the CX collection is the Red Power 29 XL, their 29er mountain bike wheel that gives them a disc brake option for cyclocross.

At the top of the range is the Red Wind XLR CX, above. It has an alloy rim bed and brake track with a 50mm carbon fiber fairing. While the road version uses the fairing for aerodynamics, it’s likely intended to help slice through the mud in its ‘cross iteration. Weight is 1610g (versus 1590g for the road version).

2013 Fulcrum Racing Quattro CX cyclocross wheels

The Racing Quattro CX has a 35mm deep alloy rim and weighs in at 1725g, same claimed weight at the road version. These were unveiled mid-year in 2012 as one of the brand’s first aero alloy clinchers, and presumably remain unchanged other than getting the CX lettering on the stickers and seal upgrade.

2013 Fulcrum Racing 5 CX cyclocross wheels

The Racing 5 CX comes in at a reported 1760g. It gets a new, deeper rim wall to make clincher tire installation easier, fitting up to  700x35c tires.

2013 Fulcrum Racing 7 CX cyclocross wheels

At just 1849g and £179.99, the Racing 7 CX makes a perfect beater set of wheels for winter training and all around riding. Both it and the Racing 5 CX have a rounded rim profile to help mud slide off and provide a modest aero benefit.


  1. So, deep-section heavy clinchers for CX? Sounds really sweet. Something tells me for a lot less money you could build some much lighter alloy tubulars and actually have something that performs well….

  2. Same viewpoint as Brandon. Why do we need heavy alloy clincher wheelsets for cross? I doubt it can compete on tubeless to a Stans rim and it sure as hell doesn’t beat a tubie setup, so why bother?

  3. Racing 5 and 7 are clearly wheels to be sold at the OEM level and will come on bikes as stock, Quattro also however an affordable upgrade over most wheels sold stock on bikes, Red Wind XLR is still one of the lightest co-molded wheelsets on the market at the 50mm depth.

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