Oakley Set to Unveil Switchlock Equipped Airbrake MX Goggle

If you ride downhill, you know how frustrating it can be trying to change lenses in your goggles due to a change in light conditions just before your race run. Actually, just changing lenses in most goggles is difficult no matter how much time you have on your hands – which is why Oakley’s forthcoming Airbrake MX goggle is so appealing. The same Switchlock technology found in the Jawbones, Radarlocks, and Fast Jackets is now available in a goggle allowing effortless lens changes in seconds.

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In addition to the addition of Switchlock, the lenses for the Airbrake MX will be made from Oakley’s Plutonite material for the first time ever. Rather than a stamped piece of polycarbonate, the Plutonite which is similar to the material in Oakley’s sunglasses is injection molded which claims to increase optical clarity while offering the highest level of impact protection. While the lenses are fitted with tear off posts, the goggles can also be fitted with a new roll off system with canisters mounted on either side of the lens. The tear off post model will be offered for $160 and will be available mid March, while the roll-off edition will cost $200 and will be available the first of May.


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