Just some guys shredding their local single track. Nothing better than winter in California.

Hop past the break for a few more edits before you get off work.

Pauline Dieffenthaler enjoys some riding around Etna in Sicily and tells us her vision of mountain biking.

Making an entirely self filmed edit is incredibly hard work but Aaron LaRocque isn’t your ordinary cinematographer. He’s got skills behind a camera and on a bike.

In order to capture the panning shots he uses software to crop the image and animate.


  1. @ Watchtower:
    You couldn’t be more correct….that’s why I moved from Chicago to SF two years ago. I’ll never go back to those winters, ever.

  2. Explains why the rangers have been out there lately. That singletrack was officially off-limits to bikes but that wasn’t enforced until lately.

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