ANT+ Announces New Bike Power Profile Version with Advance Efficiency Measures

As power measurement becomes more and more common in many cyclists’ training regimens, the technology used to measure it is continuously improving – illustrated by the newest version of the ANT+ Bike Power Profile. The new profile allows ANT+ enabled bike power sensors to report advanced data points like Torque Effectiveness and the fluidity of the pedal stroke, all in real time. Together, these two measurements greatly improve how cyclists can measure the individual performance of each leg, whether it is how much power is used to push down and pull up the pedal or how well the cyclist is pedaling in circles. All of this data coming from sensors either in the pedals or crank, is transmitted to ANT+ enabled displays and can be viewed in real time, or analyzed after the ride.

Rotor Components’ Rotor Power crank is the first ANT+ certified device to use the new technology, which is available in both MTB and Road variants.

Check out a video with Rotor’s Engineering Manager, David Martinez Garcia discussing the Rotor Power crank after the break.


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