Wahoo Fitness Launches RFLKT, The First Iphone Powered Bike Computer

We know what you’re thinking, “wait, there are plenty of iPhone based cycling computer apps?” But here’s the thing – with the RFLKT, you’re not looking at your phone – you don’t even need it to be accessible. No, the RFLKT is a fully featured cycling computer that relays, or reflects, the current cycling app on your phone onto the computer screen on your bike via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity – which uses less energy on the iPhone end. Not only does this mean you can keep your phone safely tucked away, but it should mean much longer battery life for your phone since you aren’t actually using the screen, only the Bluetooth connection.

Compatible with the iPhone 4s and 5, cyclists can not only track their rides with RFLKT, but can also control iPhone functions like music control directly from the RFLKT head unit. With the base unit retailing for $129.99 it puts the RFLKT in the realm of high end full featured cycle computers, yet way under most GPS enabled devices.

For more on the RFLKT including a full list of features and compatible apps, continue on through.

Presumably, in order to gain cadence and heart rate measurements you will need Bluetooth equipped sensors, or you will have to purchase Wahoo’s Blue HR strap and Blue SC sensor, for $79.99 and $59.99 respectively.

Wahoo Fitness Launches RFLKT, The First Iphone Powered Bike Computer


  • Wirelessly receives data, images and cycling App features from the iPhone 4S and new iPhone 5 via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • From the RFLKT, cyclists can navigate screens, start/stop timer, control music playback and additional App features, while the iPhone remains securely in your jersey pocket or bike mounted compartment
  • Coin cell operated, requires no recharging with a battery life of 1 year
  • Weighs 2 ounces and measures 2.4” L x 1.6” W x 0.5” H, making it lightweight and compact like the top bike computers on the market
  • Weather and shock proof. RFLKT is IPX7 certified for riding in all types of weather and on all types of terrain
  • Compatible with many different cycling Apps, full list here

Check out video and closeup photos of the unit in action from Interbike here.


  1. So….what is the point? I am moving my hands to the computer handlebar instead of my pocket/headphones to change the music. I am using an expensive cyclometer to connect to my phone that does the exact same thing. I also have to now buy a separate cyclometer just so it is iphone powered. It is needless integration.

    They should have just built a minimal, lightweight, secure mount with extra battery power. The thing the have now is so ugly I refuse to put it on my bike.

    I got a reqkase (sp?) and a little battery booster and it works way better than everything else I and all my buddies have tried.

  2. It would work well for me. I always have the iphone in jersey pocket and the garmin 500 mounted up front. Just replace the Garmin with this and bingo. Not really concerned with the music.

    The ultimate would be for Apple to make an iPhone Nano that is the size of this Wahoo thing.

  3. I, for one, have been using my iphone as my primary bike computer for months now in conjunction with the Blue HR and Blue SC, and my biggest complaint is that the battery is drained so fast I usually have to keep the screen turned off. Secondary to that, I don’t feel all that comfortable having my phone mounted directly on my handlebars (it gets rained on, more likely to be trashed in a crash, etc.). I think this is a great idea, and I look forward to getting one.

  4. Finally can replace my Garmin. This needs a centered out front bar mount like the ones available for Garmin units.

    Cyclemeter is the app to get with this right now. Can’t wait to see what integrations some companies use the RFLKT for. The SDK is great.

  5. @Ajax, did you even read the article? The battery in the RFLKT will last about a year. With your iPhone in your jersey pocket (display off) the phone’s battery should be good for several hours (mine was about 30% depleted after a 3 hour ride last Sunday).

  6. I’m assuming the Wahoo app on the phone picks up the ant+ data from a quarq. Power + cadence…

    I usually use a garmin. Is there any lag on the iphone apps compared to the garmin?

  7. JMG. You have never had these things. Nobody has. You have to turn the bright ess down to almost zero if you want it to last much more than an hour.

  8. This is perfect! My phone with cyclemeter does great but I just don’t want it mounted to my bars. I would love to have stats posted on my bar just like with my cateye. I know the phone can be protected from water but it gets too hot in the sun with the screen on and GPS tracking. Perfect solution to utilize iPhone capabilities.

  9. Ajax – You must have an old iPhone with a bad battery. I tested my iPhone 5 running Wahoo GPS tracking, streaming Pandora, Wahoo Blue S/C, screen off. On a 3 hour 60 mile ride and the battery was at 60%. I still used my Garmin as well out front of the bars as I needed a display for speed. The Garmin is not needed anymore and will be gone soon. One less device to charge and sync. My iPhone 5 is back to full battery by the time I am done eating and showered post ride.

  10. Dale – There is a second version of the RFLKT that will have an Ant+ relay that will connect to Ant+ devices. You would still need an Ant+ dongle if you don’t switch to all BTLE sensors.

    The Viiiiva 4iiii heartrate strap can grab all the Ant+ sensor data and send it via BTLE to the iPhone. Good if you have a quarq and don’t have the ant+ dongle.

  11. From Wahoo site:
    “RFLKT is compatible with the NEW Wahoo Fitness v3.0 App for Cycling, and compatibility with other top rated cycling Apps coming soon including Cyclemeter and Strava.”

    I use Strava exclusively. I don’t want/need another app. But when Strava becomes compatible, I’m sold!

  12. Chuck – The new Wahoo app is awesome. I use Strava heavily as well and the Wahoo app can directly upload to strava. Prefer it over using the Strava app. Try it.

  13. Here is the direct link to show the apps that currently support RFLKT: http://www.wahoofitness.com/Apps/Apps/RFLKT-149-CL.aspx

    As of late Feb. (launch of RFLKT) there are two apps supporting RFLKT: the Wahoo Fitness app and iMobileIntervals (http://imobileintervals.com/app).

    iMobileIntervals RFLKT display has HR, watts, speed, cadence, total elapsed and interval/lap times, current music selection or current/next interval activity, and live data telemetry status. iMobileIntervals also has control from the four hardware buttons on the RFLKT to pause/skip music, toggle backlight, restart the interval workout, skip forward/backward the interval, or take a lap split.

    Any app that uses RFLKT will conserve much battery since it can have the display off. The RFLKT unit lasts a long time on its battery because it uses a low energy radio and a low energy display (like your heart rate strap and your digital wristwatch).

  14. I have bought the Wahoo case and Wahoo Battery pack and get over 6hrs life if both fully charged at start of ride. Having bought the iPhone 4S the last thing I wanted to then do is buy is a bicycle computer. Only issue is in hot conditions the phone over heats and shuts down. So I tend to remove the front cover and just secure the phone via a rip cord

  15. Cyclemeter now supports RFLKT. Check it out!
    As far as the unit itself, which i received yesterday. I like the concept and plan on giving it a try. I’m not enthused about the little removal tool! They didn’t even put a hole in it for a key chain, really!
    The main reason i purchased the unit was because i didn’t want my iphone crashing with my Mt bike.

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