Built as a special edition of the Rummy messenger bag, the AP edition – or Advanced Projects edition takes things up a notch with an American made 10 oz. waxed canvas construction. In addition, the bag integrates Mission Workshop’s Arkiv closure system and VX liner. Essentially, the AP Edition messenger bag is a premium bag with upgraded aluminum Arkiv system hardware, and constructed from a waterproof material that will only look better with age.

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In order to keep all of your belongings organized, the AP is equipped with quick access outboard pockets, internal zippered pockets, a large exterior facing zippered pocket that will fit you laptop up to 15″, and a weatherproof roll top main compartment. The roll top function can either be used as a roll top, or as a standard flap down messenger bag configuration. The shoulder strap is fully reversible for right or left shouldered carrying, and comes with a detachable cross chest stabilizer.

The AP Edition Messenger bag is available in Black, Olive, or Brown and retails for $269.00.



  1. Lovely bags. Nice mix of old and new. Waxed canvas is a great material and I am sure it is even lower impact on world to make than those plastic ones. Think I still have a tub of sheep fat around here somewhere that I used to waterproof my old canvas jacket. Nature rocks!


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