Unique Dream Machine Concept Bike Wins Taipei Cycle D&I Award

Now in its second year, it’s almost time for the 2013 Taipei Cycle d&i awards to be presented at the Taipei Cycle show coming up on March 23. As an award winner in the bicycle category, the Dream Machine – the futuristic road bike pictured above created by the Italian design studio Johnny Mole Design, will be present to receive its award. Looking at the design website of Mole’s, you’ll see a number of different design projects both bike related and not, including a redesign of the venerable Selle Italia Flite saddle.

As far as concepts go, we wouldn’t say it exactly qualifies as radical at least from what we can see, but it certainly looks futuristic. In addition to the one piece fork/stem/bars with a location built in for a cycle computer, there is also an integrated water bottle in the down tube with an additional space to stash a battery for electronic drive trains, though this concept is built with a mechanical option.

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Unique Dream Machine Concept Bike Wins Taipei Cycle D&I Award

Clearly, all of the cabling is fully internal making for a very clean look – though you gotta wonder what it would be like to re-cable the thing.

Unique Dream Machine Concept Bike Wins Taipei Cycle D&I Award

Hidden behind the front wheel are the disc brakes which feature carbon rotors modeled here by founder Johnny Moletta. Carbon rotors with FSA Logos? They look different than Kettle Cycles’ carbon offerings, so it will be interesting to see if these surface as an actual product in the near future. The bike was produced with help from 4 major partners including FSA, Vision, Selle Italia, and Vittoria – hence the Vision carbon aero disc wheels, Selle Italia Mono-Link saddle, and the Vision Metron drivetrain though the TT shifters have been replaced by standard SRAM Red road shifters.

Unique Dream Machine Concept Bike Wins Taipei Cycle D&I Award

From the front you have to ask, are Scott Drop-In style bars making a comeback? Though, the Scott bars weren’t one piece of carbon built into the fork…


  1. Saddle height and stem angle/length adjustability, anyone? Granted, integrated seatposts are around (Ridley recently stopped)…

  2. Another concept bike. Awesome. I’ll set my timer now. In 2 years my father in law will send me an email: “Check out this cool bike”, and it will be this bike, still in its original 3d rendered glory.

  3. this is an amazing looking bike. not 3d, real 1st sample. Culprit croz blade and junior one also both won a D&i award. i saw the bike in person. great design idea but after working on croz blade disc brakes for the last year, i cant see how this bikes brake system will work. if it can, it will change the industry. great concept bike.

  4. I’m sure a lot of time, effort, design, and thought went into this thing. People don’t just pull random designs out from thin air and it’s a good thing they’re not trying to impress the general population of Bikerumor, most of you guys are terrible.

  5. @Xris – does the amount of time and effort spent on a project mean I should like it? I don’t think so. What I like is a design that actually changes something and brings innovation to the people, not a bike that is different just for the sake of being different, but not practical at all. And if it’s simple, than it’s even better in my opinion.

  6. I am not going to defend the way the bike looks, I think it’s ugly as sin myself, the point though is that it is different. Like avant-garde fashion, it is never practical, but it can inspire others to improve upon a design in a way that would better suit the needs of a consumer.

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