Looking less like a bicycle storage rack and more like a carbon tentacle sprouting from the floor, this one off bicycle display stand toes the line between modern art and bicycle storage. Sent to us by Jason from FreshBikes, apparently this stand is the work of one of their customers who works in carbon manufacturing. While most of their work happens to be more government contracting type stuff, apparently he loves bikes like the rest of us and came up with this sweet stand. Sure, there are similar stands that will hold two bikes while this will only hold one, but if you want to show off your high dollar bike and store it at the same time, this is a pretty cool way to do it.

More on the stand, and also presumably the first ever game of Zipp dominoes after the break!

As you can see from the picture, the stand curves back behind the bike, while supporting it from the top tube. While the base is supporting the stand in this picture, we’re assuming you would need to anchor it somehow to the floor to prevent it from tipping over unless the final version of the rack will have a wider base.

On top, the stand cradles the bike with a fairly basic cut out that cups the underside of the top tube. The size and shape of the support raises all kinds of questions on different frame compatibility, but we’re guessing if he actually brings this to the market like he’s planning to, this may just be a first prototype. Pricing is to be determined, and the one pictured is being used by FreshBikes in the shop and Jason says it works great.

We’ll leave you with one of the more creative ways we’ve seen of advertising your shop has big selection of new high end carbon wheels in stock…


  1. This says to me “I’m so rich and have run out of dumb shit to spend my money on, I think I’ll just buy random hunks of carbon fiber to have laying around the house.”

  2. keep the jealous negativity coming! pile it on!
    seriously, i like the stand. it would be easy to adapt the style to hold two bikes, and i like the organic bendiness. it could sprout another holder like tree branches.

  3. If you read the article, the guy who made it did it in his spare time as he works in a carbon manufacturing facility. I didn’t see that it is coming to market. I think it’s cool and creative. Not saying I would buy it but the guy just had some fun building it.

  4. it says right in the last paragraph that he is planning on bringing it to the market. come on people, read the article if you’re gonna comment on it

  5. They need to work on the Velcro part because, let’s be honest, any one buying this for their house isn’t going to have carpet….. They will have “reclaimed fir barn boards” or something.

  6. How much does it weigh? Will it increase my power output? Is it wifi-enabled, so I can check whether my bike is there or not remotely?

  7. So Grandmama, do you think there is any chance that a box designed to handle the average shipping conditions of UPS or FedEx will see any damage to its contents after falling over?!

  8. FreshBikes; great selection of high end bikes, but the management (Jason) is the major strike against it. I know people in the industry, and apparently even the shop employess can’t stand him.

  9. Hello All,

    I am the creator of this bike stand which is inspired by simplicity. If you live in a small space, it’s difficult to use the bulky bike stands that are out there. Yes, I know, it’s just a bike stand, but if you like to store your bike in your living area, you don’t want it to be an eye sore or take up too much space.

    To clear up a few things:

    It does not use magnets or Velcro, the design transfers the weight to the center of the base and makes it stable. This is the first prototype and we have some revisions that will be made.

    The base will have a larger flange which will make it difficult to fall over.

    The stand will be supplied with mount bolts for people who would like to anchor it.

    The top mount will have a cleaner finish and hold all types of frames.

    The stand currently weighs 60 grams, but for stability purposes, the base will be weighted internally, making the finished product a bit heavier.

    A double bike holder will also be available and will have the same design, just a holder molded into the arch about half way up.

    The price point will be set at around $400, which is a bit higher than current high end bike stands on the market. These are going into production this month and will be ready for delivery the beginning of March. Feel free to contact me directly for more information and I appreciate everyone’s feedback, whether it be positive, negative or sarcastic.


  10. Such an angry, hateful group of people you all are. Is this how you’re supposed to behave on Al Gore’s Amazing Internet? Seriously people.

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