Ride, Run, Drive, or Swim with your iPhone 5 Thanks to LifeProof's New Accessories

We’ve already reviewed the 4 & 4s version of the LifeProof case and handlebar mount, and it should come as no surprise that LifeProof now has similar accessories available for the latest iThing used for talking, the iPhone 5. LifeProof has based their reputation on making your iThing waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof, and generally, well, life proof. Now for the 5, along with new colors of the frë iPhone 5 case, they are also offering a line of accessories designed to keep you phone in place, or keep it above water depending on your extra curriculars.

Looking to take it with you? There’s a LifeProof app for that after the break.

Ride, Run, Drive, or Swim with your iPhone 5 Thanks to LifeProof's New Accessories
For the most part, the bicycle mount for the 5 ($39.99) looks relatively unchanged from the version we tested for 4s – except for a few tweaks to accommodate the phone’s different shape and speakers/headphone port. Basically, a quick release clamp keeps it firmly attached to various bar sizes and a rotating, locking ball head allows easy positioning of the phone at a wide variety of angles and locks in place to keep road vibrations from bumping it loose. Considering you can mount your phone in the cradle facing in, or out, you should be able to use the cradle and phone for filming your rides. Other than being able to use the phone to run cycle computer apps while riding, the easy installation and close at hand removal makes stopping to take pictures a snap, while keeping your phone safe as you try to catch back up with the group. There are many safe reasons to want your phone at arms length on your bar, an the LifeProof mount makes it safe for your phone, too.

Ride, Run, Drive, or Swim with your iPhone 5 Thanks to LifeProof's New Accessories

If running is more your speed, or you simply want your phone attached to your body than your bike, the LifeProof armband ($49.99) has you covered. To keep things comfortable, the band is made from breathable spandex with thick padding and silicone grippers on the inside to keep it in place.

Ride, Run, Drive, or Swim with your iPhone 5 Thanks to LifeProof's New AccessoriesGoing swimming? Your LifeProof case is already waterproof – keep it floating with the the LifeJacket Float. While it may seem a little steep at $39.99 for a foam cover for your phone, it does include a lanyard to try and keep it from the drink the next time you captain a pleasure cruise. Added bonus, if you are particularly hard on your phone, the LifeJacket offers another extreme layer of impact protection for your phone.

Ride, Run, Drive, or Swim with your iPhone 5 Thanks to LifeProof's New AccessoriesFinally, in order to guarantee easy transfer from your bike to your boat and back to your house, the suction cup car mount ($39.99) will give you a place to snap your LifeProof equipped iPhone 5 in your vehicle, or anywhere else there is a flat surface to stick a suction cup to. Essentially the same design as the bike mount, the car mount has a longer arm that is attached to a locking suction cup.



  1. Or you could have just bought a Samsung Rugby Galaxy LTE and you would have had a better phone that was already lifeproof without needing an aftermarket case.

  2. The lifeproof case does exactly what they say. Been running it for a couple years. The nice thing about running a case versus a Rugby is that when the case gets nicked up you can replace it. My I4 has seen a lot of action (beach, waterpark, MTB), been through 2 lifeproof cases (only replaced one case to freshen it up and change color). The phone itself looks as fresh as the day I opened the box. No exaggeration.
    Couple noteworthy things. The case makes the internal speaker sound better. The touch-screen action is compromised a bit due to the air pocket between screen and clear protector. You gotta thump the screen a little bit more with your finger to get screen detection.

  3. DeeEight, the shallowest most unintelligent comment I’ve read this year. Why don’t we just become a communist nation and everyone can be issued with Samsungs. It’s great consumers have a choice. I’ll let you in on a little secret about the Samsung Rugby……… it’s only water *resistant*, dust *resistant* and shock *resistant*. Lifeproof are in the business of making phones water/dust/shock *PROOF*.
    Buda bing buda BOOM!!

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