Schwagbox subscription sampling program for cyclists and triathletes delivers gels bars drinks lubes creams and more to your home every month

Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? Nothing says you love your favorite cyclists more than a fresh batch of samples month after month, and SchwagBox delivers just that every month for a year!

SchwagBox is a little side project a few of us have started, and January’s and February’s boxes have shipped with goodies from brands like Zevlin, Camelbak, Boogie Bean Coffee, Orange Seal Cycling, Paceline Products, GU and more! It’s a great way to try the latest new products for you and your bike, from nutrition to bike care to training and performance aids. Every month brings a new box with new samples. It makes a great gift, even if your just showing yourself some love this Valentines Day. More info and sign up at


  1. Still feel,it is not worth it. I received box #2. Doesn’t seem like even $5 worth of stuff. I would expect at least $10 worth of stuff since these companies wan us to test their stuff. 1 of any item is not enough to really give good feedback. Lube I can see working that way since it can be applied a few time. Bars and cloths only allow for 1 test.

    I would like to see a better return on my $120 up front investment.

    I hope to see this get better. If not I hope you offer refunds.

  2. I LOVE my SchwagBox! Just got my February edition and am very pleased with it and January’s box. It gives me a chance to try products without buying a whole case of bars or jar of embrocation cream. There are also products that I’ve not heard of before, another plus! Are you taking preorders for year 2?

  3. The Feb definitely has at least $10 worth of stuff. The Fluid single use sell for $12/8 ($1.50 each) as do the Camelbak cleaning tabs. Two of both is $6. The Justins Nut Butters typically sell for $0.9 – $1 each and there are two of those. That makes it $8 total now. The bike wash is $10 for a bottle that looks to be 8-10 oz, so the 2-oz is ~$2 worth. That puts us at $10 before adding in the packet of coffee and the wipe.

  4. Run far and fast. Started out great. Great product, emails explaining the products. Follow up emails. The last two boxes have included a magazine in one and a freaking coupon in the other. The follow up emails went first. Then this month no box no nothing. Facebook messages, multiple emails no responses. But they have my money so I have no recourse as they required a full year payment at once.

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