Osmo co-founder Stacy Sims, PhD recently concluded research that warranted a new take on their current formula for maximum performance. So as the science advances, Osmo does as well. Claiming that Osmo Active was already the fastest way to get fluid into your body by drinking, Sims has tweaked the electrolyte ratios to make it even faster. In various lab tests, cyclists drinking Osmo and eating solid foods are able to sustain higher power levels and stay hydrated longer that with the same food and purely carbohydrate drinks.

The packaging has also evolved, moving from its resealable bags to the new screw top tubs and individual serving packets.

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How can a sports-nutrition brand reflect the latest science when the science is always advancing? By changing with it. That’s why Osmo Nutrition—a company whose drink mixes have been shown to boost cyclists’ power output by between 8 and 12 percent over a 15-minute time trial—has announced new formulations that make its products even more effective.

“My recent research enabled me to fine tune the Osmo formulas,” says Osmo co-founder Stacy Sims, PhD, a nutrition scientist and physiologist whose drink mixes have fueled Olympic gold medalists, NFL stars, and Pro Tour cyclists for years. “Osmo Active was already the fastest way to get fluid into your body through drinking, and my tweaking of the electrolyte ratios makes it even faster. In controlled laboratory testing, cyclists who eat solid foods and drink Osmo sustain higher power outputs and finish better hydrated than when they take in the same amount of calories and fluids purely through carbohydrate drinks.”

So what gives? Traditional carbohydrate drinks sit in the stomach due to all the extra liquid calories. This not only leads to gastric distress, it prevents the needed fluids from entering the intestines and getting into the bloodstream. What most people consider bonking is actually dehydration caused by the time-consuming process of digesting these carb-laden drinks.

Sims’s years of lab research led her specific ratios of sugars and electrolytes that force fluids out of the stomach and across the intestinal walls, effectively hacking the body’s natural systems to speed hydration. Four and a half years after her first mixes kept an entire team hydrated through the 2008 Tour de France, Sims has updated her formulas to help athletes stay ahead of the pack.

About Osmo Nutrition Osmo’s hydration and recovery products deliver proven benefits to help athletes perform and feel their best. Osmo is based on the peer-reviewed research Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD. The company offers three drink mixes that are optimized to work with an athlete’s body during three key phases of the exercise cycle— before, during, and after. osmonutrition.com.


  1. +1 on the tubs. The bags were environmentally friendly (I assume) but not so user friendly, so I ended up just transferring the powder into a wide mouth mason jar.

    I got to try the new Active Recovery yesterday. It tastes goods and mixes more easily than the old formula.

  2. “That’s why Osmo Nutrition—a company whose drink mixes have been shown to boost cyclists’ power output by between 8 and 12 percent over a 15-minute time trial” — link? study? protocol? 60% of the time it works everytime?

  3. What’s up with the new OSMO Packaging / pricing scheme…
    Has any else nticed that when they went to the new packaging,

    Re: “Acute Recovery” product.
    Retail is $29.99
    Old Packaging (Bag w/ zip lock)
    Net Weight: 17.2 oz (487 G)

    Same price of $29.99, but you get about %30- LESS!?!?!?
    New Packaging (Plastic jar)
    Net Weight: 13.4 OZ (380g)

    This is total BS.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like the product (most all of their products actually).
    But if this is correct, I’m done w/ a company that:
    1st: Acts like big food corp America and attempts to raise they profit by screwing their customers!
    2nd: Goes from more or less Enviro friendly packaging to Plastic jars.

What do you think?