We’re uncertain how long it has been up, but just after posting that Greg LeMond had started a new company to continue sales of his revolution trainer, we noticed that there is a survey on GregLeMond.com, inquiring to whether or not they should resurrect the LeMond road bike brand. LeMond bicycles was founded by Greg in 1990 as he was looking to create better bikes for himself to race and he thought they could be sold to the general public. In 1995, Greg struck a deal with Trek much like Gary Fisher or Gary Klein. Trek manufactured and distributed the bicycles until a lawsuit filed by LeMond cycling led to a counter suit by Trek, and essentially the death of the brand. The lawsuits have since been settled, and with the whole Lance chronicles, who knows?

What do you think? Should LeMond start making bikes again? Would you buy one?


  1. Now that Lance has fallen from grace, LeMond is looking less crazy. I think he should start selling bikes again. His old line of nice steel bikes might do well with people looking for something other than the latest plastic bike. I would love to see a LeMond 953 at a non-custom bike price point.

  2. There’s some tooling shops in Detroit, Wisconsin and Massachusetts that I’m sure would like to take on that job.
    I always pined for a Poprad that I never got around to buying.

  3. Always liked LeMond’s line up. They were always nice rigs. Can’t say I’d buy one, but I’d welcome them back to the market.

  4. I would NEVER buy one – or anything else with his name on it – or that he has touched him in any way. He is negative energy. Bad mo-jo. Sludge. Conflicted Soul in crisis.
    I feel sorry for the guy – but I’ve learned the hard way – to “stay away from his kind”.

  5. for the EXACT opposite reason, i would buy one. after all the sh!t he’s been put thru- the black listing- the way TREKSTRONG completely ruined the guy…

    i’d buy one just out of principle. just as i’d never buy a Trek.

  6. I had a Lemond Zurich for 7 years and absolutely loved it. I sold it because I lost my job…biggest mistake ever. I’d buy it back in a heartbeat. It was comfortable and fast.

  7. I ride a LeMond Chambery as my rain bike. It’s a great bike, but Greg, if you’re listening, you gotta do something about the paint man. It flakes if you looks at it wrong. Good thing it’s aluminum.

  8. They have got be more than just different stickers and paint on the same Asian frames. I’d go for something handmade, maybe out of the Waterford or Gunnar shop with the LaMond name on it.

  9. I have an ’02 Buenos Aires that I love. Nice and light steel ride. Cool almost retro styling in some of the bike he made. Heck yes I’d buy it again if I was looking for a steel bike.

  10. I’m not sure what Grateful is talking about or what got stuck up his arse, and Hungry4Shht is right about that survey being up for ages.

    I’d buy a new LeMond in a heartbeat.

  11. That decades-old company had a different consumer map than exists today. Today’s Chinese carbon is too prevalent. Small custom on one end, uber-distirbution mega-gruppo-purchasing power low-price monster companies on the orher. He has too old of a name to entice any of the Lance-generation or younger buyers. How long and how many hoops would you jump through to get a name of similar quality for more money? I would love innovation to win…

  12. Not sure if I would buy one or not. I had a pre-Trek Lemond Columbus TSX frame in the 90’s, one of the best bikes I ever had. A friend still has it as a rain bike. I think they were made in Italy at the time…

  13. I had a Tete de Course and loved it. I dig his take on bikes. I admire his career most of all – to me he’s a hero. Depends on which side of the Lance issue you’re on.

  14. If the Lemond brand could bring something new and fresh to the table, it would be cool. I mean, I personally can’t really see into the future and figure out what that would or should be– but there has got to be someone out there who can. Lemond should connect with them, relaunch as something no one has ever seen, and watch the haters hate while they rock out. However, if resurrecting the brand entails flying to taiwan, buying a carbon bike, and having a friend design graphics… well, we have enough of that out in the world.

  15. Trek should volunteer to produce the bikes for LeMond with the stipulation that each bike will say “We are sorry… LeMond” on every bike. 🙂

    Seriously, Trek, you screwed this up so freakin’ bad. I’ve bought so many of your bikes before, but never will again, unless you offer Greg a sincere apology.

  16. There’s a lot of competition out there. I couldn’t say for sure that i would buy one until I was looking in earnest. What I can say is that I would definitely consider a LeMond. I would not and still won’t consider a Trek. It would have to be a better offering than a bunch of other brands – from the Big S to the smaller Warp 9 brand. Many of them have good price points on great rides.

  17. Lemond bikes were awesome! They never fit me right – toptubes were too long – but if they went back into production and the geometry worked for me, hell yes I’d buy one!

  18. I have a Zurich cira 2002. Great frame, average fork, poor wheels …Bontrager. I assume he will farm out production to a company that you could buy a bike from today. So what would you be paying for? His geometry, paint job and name? Does he really know something about frame design that current builders/ designers don’t know. Chris Boardman and Cipollini seem to be having some success selling their frames.

  19. Lemond made some nice bikes going back to the 90′ s I really like the 2007 Poprad cross bike. It featured a carbon fork with mechanical disc brakes. Quite innovative in 2007. He also made some superlight steel frames that were really nice. Hope he can get back into the business. By the way., Greg is still in my top 10 of best cyclists of all time. Lance never made my list even though I ride a Discovery edition 5.9 Madone

  20. Lemond bikes are great especially the old stuff, but the newer stuff, the carbon stuff, was made strictly by trek. Those bikes sucked. I loved the old geometry on the old lemond, keep it simple and classic!!

  21. Now that cookie-cutter mass production carbon has jumped the shark and more traditional high-end Steel and Ti frames are coming back into vogue… I say Lemond should go for it.

    I might buy a Lemond HAha or maybe the Lemond 7-7=0.

  22. I think that Greg should come out with a brand called “PEB”… Performance Enhancing Bikes ! :-))
    …and the first bike should be called the “Juicer”…

  23. Lemond earned everything he ever accomplished and rightful deserves his name on the downtune of a bike.

    Also, his input back in the day brought carbon and Ti bikes into the peloton in a big way. He also made aerobars and SRM Powermeters the norm. The guy was innovative. Few cyclist contributed to development like he did.

    I’ve owned 3 lemonds. 2 of the Trek era. Even those were good for the money. His geometry is suitable to those of us with long femurs too.

    Oh and to the Lemond naysayers….Lance put him through hell. His family too. It’s not my place to share details, but I’ll just say its nice lance’s true colors showed through. Lemond is still the greatest pro tour racing cyclist from our country. And 100% class.

    Bring Lemond bikes back.

  24. If Trek still owns the right to the line of bikes, it would be really nice to see high quality somewhat mass produced steel and Ti bikes again. I don’ t think there needs to be another line of carbon bikes in the world.

  25. I would get one in a heartbeat. I’ve had my current lemond for 15+ years and it is still an awesome bike and my main road bike. I hope he would focus on steel and Ti.

  26. Lemond needs to come back.

    I would buy one if: it’s a US Made frame, OX Platinum or 853, has fender mounts, is under 2K for a Tiagra/105 model, and has name brand hubs and rims (Tiagra/Open sport?) .

    If Waterford makes it, it will be 3K for a Sora model lol, maybe trek can re-hire some of the people they had building Gary Fishers up to about 2008.

  27. I’d love to see LeMond do mid-range steel bikes and capitalize successfully on Trek’s steel bike heritage, which they continue to ignore. Affordable would mean asian production, but USA production on higher end frames might work. I liked the LeMond carbon/ti and carbon/steel “spine” bikes…

    Would there be a market for made in USA frameset Versus/631 tubing, Shimano 105, bb5, and “sport” level wheels Poprad Disk for $2k?

  28. The title should read. “looking to buy some Asian-made bikes and have his name on them” The Lemonds that were awesome were the ones that Trek actually paid some real craftsman to make here in the states. Sad to think that they won’t be that again. 🙁

  29. Have any of you seen Andy Hampsten’s bike line? Not cheap but sick. I’d love to see Greg go mid to high-end with steel frame dressed out with carbon parts.

    He really needs to star in another Taco Bell commercial too!

  30. ….he should not make bikes again. As a business man he failed the number one rule…..do not let your personal opinion of others get in the way of proper business. He could be easily eclipsing sales of trek bikes right now if he would have just looked in the mirror and said to Himself that it just does not matter. Greg did not bring down LA, it happened in spite of all the rantings and bad press. If he would have just stood by, he would have his line up being blown out the doors at Mellow Johnny’s and the last laugh would be his….LA selling HIS bikes all day long…..
    He will never learn the lesson that he should of when his first go at bikes failed miserably through working with family on their market presence…..simply keep your personal bullshit out of the way of growing your business.

  31. Only if he can bring something new or interesting to the table. To do it just because its a recognized brand name is greedy. Go big, or go home.

  32. Donny-Please give us a link to your business. You talk like someone who knows jack shit about business.

    Then again, you sound like someone who knows zero about Lemond and the threatening phone calls a sociopath named Lance Armstrong would make to his house. Lance’s vendetta against ANYONE who could be viewed as above him over a 15 year period. And Lemond’s justified view of Lance…..something many of you wankers said couldn’t be true…but alas…..Lemond was right.

    I’ll say it again….Lemond is one of the few cyclists in the world who’s truly earned his name on the downtube of a bike. Nuff said.

  33. TJ-Ummmm sorry, you must not be privy to the heritage of the Lemond line. Actually everything prior to TREK was utmost quality built by some of the best ever in the biz.

    90 something to I think 93-Italian made frames (I had one) Columbus tubing. Bitchin quality. One of the few frames I wish I never sold.

    Carbonframes-Made by a certain Craig Calfee for Lemond. Damn nice bikes then, still damn nice bikes to this day. Take any year of Calfee over a TREK.

    Eventually steel frames (maybe ti too, though unsure) were made by Denver based Clarke Kent….which was a hell of manufacturer. TI frames I want to say were made by Merlin or Litespeed back when both brands were worth a damn and at their best.

  34. Lemond was famous for bringing new technology and materials to the peleton. How would building classic looking steel bike reflect this?

    He should only come back if he can bring something new to the market.

  35. Sevo- thank you for making my point even further…..I own several businesses and would not divulge the what or where so that I can express my personal opinion. Lemons was so right in what he said about LA, that he is no longer in the bike business for the third time….if that is your opinion of what makes a business leader successful, you have just attempted to project your own inadequacies and lack of acumen for all to see. All he had to do was keep his personal opinion out of the news, and when asked, just talk about all the great things Trek was doing for his brand, etc. you cannot argue that regardless of what house of shit LA built his empire on, the entire worldwide cycling industry benefitted greatly from the exposure and enthusiasm that came from it. We all abhor and detest who and what he has been exposed as, but we certainly do not see any of the people that made money along side of him giving it back or to charity out of principal.

    And lastly Sevo…..putting negative energy out there towards others really does not make your position stronger, it simply exposes a lack of self control for rational conversation.

  36. He changed the quality of the paints on bikes. His were all hand painted with Dupont Emeron paints at Ten Speed Drive Imports in Melbourne, Florida. He forced the Europeans to change how they painted and to bring their quality up to standard. His TSX steel frames were the top of the top in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Team Z frames were simply amazing. Sold a boat load of his custom painted frames out of our shop back in the day. We even had a customer that wanted an all black Lemond without any decals. They did it for him but he had to pay a premium (for the times) to have it done.

  37. I’ve had a Poprad for years. Used to be conflicted about it. One of the more fun CX bikes I’ve ridden, with impeccable manners and a nice supple feel while accelerating like a scalded monkey. Even with the toe overlap. I used to do work for an aging hipster (goatee, loud garish clothes, tall, skinney, first name rhymes with Larry) who rode his ugly lime green yellow lemond roadie well after the trial separation. I think Greg is welcome to return to the industry. Nothing new is really needed. Not when you can do the things that matter so well. Even with that damn toe overlap.

  38. I love my 2001 maillot jaune frame. Lemond always took his line a notch up from the Treks, he should come back again at the top of the line but with US frames like Lynskey. And update the headbadges; some of them were pretty cheesy/cheap!

  39. I have mint ’99 zurich lemond reynolds steal with upgraded wheels and parts. It fits like a glove and flight out flies. I’d love to see Lemond bring those back, but I bet they’d be $

  40. I would absolutely welcome Lemond back to the market. I own two Lemonds, a 2002 Buenos Aires and a 2001 Nevada City. I enjoy both of these bikes and would not part with either of them. My Buenos Aires is ridden on the weekends and the Nevada City is ridden at work during lunch. The quality and smoothness of the 853 Reynolds frames is something I will never become bored with or tired of riding. In this age of cookie cutter carbon frames, manufactured by the lowest bidder in some Asian sweatshop that flood the current market; it would be like a breath of fresh air and a wise business move on Greg Lemond’s part to reintroduce the lightweight steel/titanium frames he so intelligently produced in the past. Personally, I would buy another Lemond bicycle strictly out of principle and to support a man that had the moral courage to speak out against the Lance Armstrong debacle that has permanently tainted the sport.

    People, whatever your criticisms of Greg Lemond may be: Whiner, poor business man blah blah blah…the fact remains that when all was said and done Greg was 100% correct in his assessment of Lance Armstrong. I celebrate the fact that Greg Lemond was not politically correct and had the courage to speak his mind when everybody else to include Trek was turning a blind eye to the malfeasance that was taking place by Lance and his pals at that time. Lastly, let’s remember that Greg Lemond never claimed to be some smooth talking politician, nor a business man with an MBA from Yale, or whatever else you feel you need to project he should be to sling your criticisms with such venom. Instead, Greg Lemond is an amazing cyclist and the only American three time winner of the Tour de France; nothing more and nothing less. Oh yeah, and when it comes to making a bicycle he sure seems to know a thing or two about that too. So give Greg Lemond and his family a break and let’s all lighten up a little bit by welcoming the Lemond brand back with open arms and open minds. I think the best is yet to come out of Lemond and I would personally welcome the opportunity to purchase another one of his bicycles!

  41. I love my 2007 Alpe D’Huez. Great fit, great price, nice looks, feels great on the road. As for Greg Lemond himself? The guy is a hero. He’s a REAL winner of the Tour De France AND he stood up to a supervillain! Anyone that thinks he’s full of negativity is saying that because they’re embarrassed for not being anti-Lance sooner. That’s all it is. There’s a bunch of people that wore his wrist bands while saying “Greg Lemond is just a whiner, Lance isn’t a cheater!” Well now you’re wrong. LA is a liar and a cheat and a a malicious villain that destroyed Lemond’s business, did irreparable damage to the sport of cycling in general, and really hasn’t even paid the full price for his actions. Would anyone diss on Superman for speaking out against Lex Luther? Would they say “hey Superman, don’t be so negative, it doesn’t make you look better”? WTF! Lemond had some principles and some balls to stand up and let his principles be heard. That might not have been the best for his business in the short term, but in the LONG TERM he’ll be remembered as not only a champion that didn’t cheat, but a champion that fought the good fight even when he had nothing to gain. That takes some courage and that’s worthy of respect. You don’t become a legend by sitting back and shutting up when people attack the things you love.

    I’d definitely buy another Lemond, in fact I think he should make a mountain bike range of bicycles too. I’d love to see that stale market stirred up by a road biker.

  42. I have a ’92 Buenos Aires 59cm that fits me like a glove (I’m 6’4″ with a long torso). I will never let this bike go, I wish I’d bought 2 or 3 of ’em. I did not fully appreciate the high quality standards Greg brought to his bikes until I read this blog. I just thought I got lucky and got one that was bulletproof. I have thrashed this bike for the last 11 years in all kinds of weather and it has never failed me – still all original except for the tires, bar tape and the Brooks saddle that went on it immediately after purchase. The red paint is still incredible – I get so many comments on this bike, especially in the last few years. I guess steel is coming back into fashion. I know I’ve never been tempted to replace it with Taiwan plastic. Instead I’ll keep hoping Greg LeMond, a true American cycling hero, gets back in the game and brings us a new lineup that includes at least a few nicely updated retro classics.

  43. I have two steel 1980’s pre-Trek hand made LeMond bikes, a Maillot Jaune (TSX) and a Ventoux. Though I’ve owned, ridden and raced at least a dozen bikes since then in steel, aluminum, Ti and carbon fiber; I still pull both bikes off the hooks from time to time because the ride is so comfortable and responsive. Those were quality frames and took me through a lot of miles. Bringing back that hand made quality would be hard to replicate. I would love to see it happen.

  44. I have a titanium “Victoire” purchased in 2003. It has done somewhere around 50 000 miles, some of it being very rough for any road bike. I bought it because i wanted a strong, comfortable frame that would last, and that’s what it has been. It’s over 10 years old, looks just as new as any titanium bike purchased this year, and I have never had one moment of disappointment with it.
    Not the lightest bike on the road, but that,s been good for my legs!!!

  45. There were LeMond Bikes before 1990. Roland Della Santa was building LeMond bikes in the 80’s. I had one. Columbus SL tubing, pearl white, black/yellow logo. One of the best riding bikes I had ever ridden. After that bike, (still in the 80’s) I got on Plymouth / Reebok and we rode LeMond bikes built by Roland Della Santa. I guess I am posting this to re set the timeline the opening article made about the inception of LeMond bikes being in the 90’s. Oh and HELL YES LeMond should bring the company back

  46. YES,YES, lemond should build bikes again. I had three of his frames and loved them for the long top tubes. They were great riding bikes . I had a steel Zurich (crashed in a race), replaced it with a steel maillot jaune, replaced that witha carbon TI tete d course.

  47. Definitley should!!, Especially now that trek has egg all over their face. Ive never liked Trek, never owned one and never will now after how they sold out to LA.

  48. Yes!! Yes!!.I had an 01 maillot jaune that was a rocket ship…..however have someone other than trek go into biz with him though..Ive never liked trek, and after they way tey treated him Ill never own one either.

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